Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular designer handbag brands on the planet. With iconic branding and style that’s recognised just about anywhere, many of us have sought after one of their iconic totes to display on our arms. But which ones are worth buying in 2021? Is Louis Vuitton still an admirable investment? Find out more below.

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Is This Going to Be Your First Louis Vuitton Bag?

If this is going to be your first Louis Vuitton bag, then we recommend getting a classic. The Neverfull is a very popular option as is the Speedy 35. You might also want to consider the Alma BB too, it used to be one of the cheaper options, but the price has gradually risen over the last few years, making it an investment piece. The Pochette Metis is a great all-rounder that can go from day to night and be worn dressed up and down. If this isn’t your first Louis Vuitton bag, you might want to experiment a little and try something different like the On the Go Tote or the Twist MM bags which have been given a bit of a stylish update for 2021’s fashion trends – large, chunky chains anyone?

Is a Louis Vuitton Bag Worth It?

Louis Vuitton bags can be a great investment as they are one of a few luxury brands that hold their value well over time. Especially if you care for and store it correctly. Also, if you manage to get a rarer, more unique model, it can either hold or increase its value. For example, the Airplane Travel Bag which was created as a collaboration with Virgil Abloh (Off White’s Creative Director) is coming out later this year and is said to be retailing for around the £29,000 mark. Back in 2008, the Urban Satchel retailed for the equivalent of over £100,000 and despite being pretty attractive, it’s near impossible to find these days meaning it could resell for a lot more.

Will a Louis Vuitton Bag Stand the Test of Time?

Absolutely. A Louis Vuitton bag has great craftsmanship on all its bags, which is probably why it generates so much revenue as a brand and has been dubbed one of Forbes’ most valuable brands in the world. The canvas on the outside is extremely hard wearing and tends to be pretty scratch-resistant. One of the interesting features is the leather on its handles. If you’re into Louis Vuitton, you’ve probably noticed that the leather on the handles always seems to be a different shade for different bags. This is just the way it wears. So when you first purchase it, the straps are quite light and over time they transform into a deeper shade – this is known as Patina. Though many might consider this a flaw of the Vachetta leather, we think it adds character to the bag and the leather isn’t damaged, it’s just aged gracefully.

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Where Can I Buy a Louis Vuitton Bag?

Louis Vuitton is available at its own boutiques and some luxury department stores such as Flannels and Selfridges. You can also buy preloved Louis Vuitton bags from a trusted professional seller or an online marketplace where they have authenticators on-site to check products like Stock X or Vestiaire Collective. The great thing is that you can usually purchase a pre-loved Louis Vuitton for slightly less than retail, even if it’s in really good condition, unlike brands such as Hermès where bags can resell for thousands more than their RRP.

How Can I Tell If a Louis Vuitton Bag is Real?

With so many counterfeit designer items circulating of late, it’s hard to differentiate whether some of them are the real thing or not. No need to worry, though. There’s always something that reveals a fake LV bag, no matter how ‘good’ it is. Sometimes it’s more obvious than others and this depends on the “quality” of the counterfeit. Note that the word quality was in quotation marks there, because nothing will match up to the real thing.
Always ensure that you purchase your Louis Vuitton bag from a trusted seller. There’s no harm in buying pre-loved or consignment luxury pieces, just be sure to do your due diligence first and ensure they’re a reputable company that authenticates all items. This blog offers great insight on the key ‘giveaways’ when it comes to spotting a fake Louis Vuitton.

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What is the Purpose of a Louis Vuitton Bag?

Louis Vuitton exudes luxury and has an all-around presence about it. In terms of the bag’s purpose, that depends on the style you go for. Some bags offer more practicality than others. The Speedy bags, for example, can fit a lot in them. The Neverfull can too, though the latter might be seen as impractical as it’s very open making it easy to access by thieves and has a tendency to flop over because of its size and softness. Louis Vuitton represents a great opportunity for a newbie luxury designer lover to get on the market and it’s a great alternative to slightly more expensive brands like Chanel, whose bags like the black Classic Flap sometimes sell for more pre-loved, thanks to popularity increasing and production not.

Which Louis Vuitton Bags are Trending in 2021?

This year is all about the Pochette. We’re seeing it everywhere and it’s great value for money as there’s usually a couple of smaller pockets inside making it versatile and multipurpose. The Pochette Félicie comes with a removable zipped pocket and a removable flat pocket with room for 8 credit cards. The Multi Pochette is even better. It comes with a gold chain strap and a thicker more casual strap both of which are removable, a round mini pochette bag which you can clip onto the strap or use individually, and another 2 rectangular mini pochette bags. You can wear this bag in so many ways making it great value for money and super versatile.

Vintage is making a great comeback. We’re seeing a lot of the smaller vintage bags work their way into people’s collections.