The Brand

The brand Hermès has become synonymous with luxury, distinction, and grandeur due to its premium line of leather goods, specifically handbags, that have grown immensely popular amongst influential circles worldwide.

Although each Hermès bag is crafted with the finest materials and carries the same high-quality appeal as the rest, each bag serves a specific purpose and offers a unique style that you can differentiate to match your personal tastes and requirements.

In this article, we go through some of the best Hermès bags available in the market and how they can be used in your daily life to bring value to your investment and help you look your best.

Why are Hermès Bags so Expensive?

Hermès bags will cost you anywhere between £5000 to £50,000 depending on the line and product. The reason for this opulent price range comes down to the exclusivity of the brand and the fine materials utilised to produce each product. For starters, each Hermès bag is only produced in a limited number of pieces, usually, 10,000, which makes them incredibly exclusive and has people running to get their hands on one as soon as a new line is released. The second factor to the price range is the use of the finest materials and leather in the construction of the bags and the skills of the masters that craft each bag by hand in the traditional manner!

This high price means something else – Hermès handbags are an excellent investment! The cost of a Hermès bag usually goes UP, even after its purchase due to the purses’ exclusive nature, and anyone lucky enough to get their hands on one can expect a great return if they choose to sell it off and make some room in their cupboards.

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The Top Hermès Bags

Now, we will list some of the best Hermès handbags available from the premium manufacturer. Read On!

1. Hermès Kelly Handbag

The Hermès Kelly Handbag, named after the late actress Grace Kelly, is one of the company’s most iconic bags. Incredibly popular by fashion icons and celebrities, this bag is incredibly challenging to obtain unused and is even more popular in the resale market. The bag comes at a starting price of around £9000 but can cost a lot more depending on the hardware, size, and condition.

The bag offers a graceful and elegant outlook, which can be paired with formal attire or informal wear and is perfect for any occasion from garden parties to red carpet events, elevating the status of anyone carrying the bag to instant fame!

Hermes Bag


2. Hermès Jige Elan Clutch

The Hermès Jige Elan Clutch originated as a gift from Jean Guerrand to his daughter-in-law, and from there has grown to become a fashion accessory that has taken over the world! This beautifully crafted clutch is elegant yet functional. It forms the perfect complement to gracefully enhance your outfit’s appeal while providing you with excellent functionality to carry essentials during a meeting or event.

The clutch can be obtained at a starting price of around £4000, but it might be challenging to obtain due to its incredible popularity. The clutch is favoured for outdoor events and features the prominent H shaped buckle that makes it instantly recognisable as a quality Hermès product.


Hermes Bag

3. Hermès Garden Party Tote bag

Better suited for a busy day at work and when you are out conquering the city, the Hermès Garden Party tote bag is a graceful and well-designed product that offers incredible functionality and purpose.

Able to carry all your essentials for a productive day, the extremely well-designed Tote bag brings an element of grace and luxury to your day while gaining you instant recognisability. The Hermès logo, paired with the exceptional quality leather, makes it a fashion accessory that finds few parallels in the world of style.

4. Hermès Evelyn Messenger Bag

Offering the perfect balance of style and utility, this Handbag is incredibly popular and favoured for its incredible design paired with the functionality that is a unique, distinctive feature of Hermès handbags.

Designed to resemble a saddlebag, paying homage to the company’s origins, the bag is well suited for those who prefer an active lifestyle and like to have essentials at hand to make their life more convenient and impressive.

Hermes Messenger Bag


5. Hermès Birkin

In our opinion, the Hermès Birkin is the best Hermès handbag of all time.

This is because many famous personalities and celebrities have made this their Handbag of choice since its release, and the Handbag has become a style icon in its own right!

Secondly, the market is full of great used and new Hermès Birkin handbags, and one can profit considerably from their purchase and resale.
Available in many colours, the Hermès Birkin handbag has become synonymous with style and fashion excellence in the industry, and many will agree that it is the most popular of Hermès handbags globally.

Hermes Birkin

Do you want to sell your Hermès ?

Selling a Hermès handbag can be an excellent opportunity to gain some quick cash and a return on your investment. If you wish to sell your Hermès handbags, we suggest avoiding places like eBay, Amazon, and other online retail sites as you will fail to get the right value for your product. It is better to opt for professional services equipped to help you appreciate the value of your handbag and reach the right customers.

This includes going for professional appraisers, luxury item resale specialists, and other specialised pawnbrokers that know their way around the world of Hermès handbags.

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