Rolex is without a doubt the most dominant and popular luxury watch company of the modern age. It has become an icon of perfection, efficiency, and elegance, and has developed itself as one of the most well-known luxury watch companies across the globe.

Rolex is the premier watch company and the first brand that comes to most customer’s minds as they hear of luxury watches. It is known internationally for producing high-quality expensive watches.

The watch industry has grown over time and has led to Rolex watch’s enormous global growth.

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Fact #1 – A brief history of Rolex

When it comes to premium quality timepieces, Rolex is unrivalled. Rolex, established in 1905 in London, United Kingdom, has been constructing, building, and producing quality luxury watches for over a century.

Any Rolex is regarded as a piece of art since it is made from the best materials and constructed with utmost precision. There are just a few labels where the name says it all, and Rolex is one of them. When it comes to formal watches, a Rolex watch will elevate your whole outfit to a new level.


Fact # 2 – All of Rolex’s watches are handmade

Even in this day and age, when computers can do almost every job, Rolex watches are always handcrafted. Rolex watches are beautifully designed and assembled to ensure that they follow the high expectations that Rolex strives to maintain.

Almost all materials for Rolex products are produced in-house. The most difficult and time-consuming part of production is for a craftsman to assemble the sophisticated movements that are housed within a Rolex watch. Finally, they are individually checked to ensure that they follow the high standards.

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Fact #3 – Rolex uses 904L stainless steel, the most expensive stainless steel in the world

Most watch brands use 316L stainless steel to produce their steel watches, but Rolex prefers 904L steel, which is only one of the facts regarding Rolex that set the company apart from its rivals.

The 904L steel is more costly and more difficult to produce than the 316L steel. Other steels are less tough and not as resilient to scratching and markings as is the 904L steel, but for a service watch, particularly Rolex’s dive watches, the cases must be waterproof, corrosion will threaten this if the links that keep the crown and the case back in place disintegrate.


Fact #4 – Rolex makes their own gold

Since Rolex produces their own gold, they have complete control over its processing and machining. This also ensures that they will guarantee the material’s consistency and appearance. Rolex is the only watchmaker that produces its own gold and has a complete in-house manufacturing facility.

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Fact # 5 – All Rolex watches are pressure tested at the factory

Before departing the factory every Rolex is pressure-tested. Being at the cutting edge of water resistance technologies entails plenty of measures. 

Each Rolex is tested in a critical air-pressure chamber to see whether it has any air leaks. 

The watch is discarded if a medical-grade optical sensor detects either condensation or water penetration.

Fact # 6 – The brand name’s meaning is a mystery

The most prevalent theory around the Rolex name is that the creator was searching for a name that could be spoken in any language, looked nice on a watch face, was simple, and iconic. This appears to be the most plausible hypothesis, as one of the creators has confessed to it.

Another theory has it that the name is derived from the French for exquisite clockwork, horlogerie exquise, with the H silent. This, though, has not been acknowledged or disputed by the owners. 

Another hypothesis regarding the Rolex label is that the term ‘rolex’ sounds like the noise of a watch being wound, as per the founder.

Fact # 7 – Rolex originated in London

Rolex is an affluent Swiss firm, but it was established in London. The business began by assembling watches rather than manufacturing them. 

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, two brothers-in-law, began as “Wilsdorf and Davis,” bringing motions into cases for jewellery shops. 

Due to wartime tariffs on luxurious goods, they subsequently moved the company to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919.


Fact # 8 – Rolex watches have been to the deepest point of the ocean

In 1960, the US Navy’s bathyscaphe Trieste set out on a quest to descend 10,916 meters (35,800 feet) into the Mariana Trench. Rolex aided the Bathyscape Trieste on this monumental venture, and the watch was exposed to a pressure of 14,000 psi at the bottom, but it managed to tick without missing a second. This demonstrates Rolex’s exceptional consistency and toughness.

If you think travelling to 10,916 meters during the bathyscaphe expedition was impressive, you’ll be shocked to learn that a Rolex watch has reached much lower. On his Deepsea Challenge expedition in 2012, James Cameron travelled into the Mariana Trench. 

He was wearing a Rolex Deepsea Challenge, a unique dive watch that was designed to be waterproof to a distance of 12,000 meters (39,370 feet). The Rolex maintained the perfect time during the entire 7-hour trip.

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Is a Rolex worth it?

Rolex watches are an outstanding investment since they retain their quality and grow in value over time. 

Because of the watches’ unique design and luxury construction, they last many years if properly cared for, and you will recognize a healthy return against your expenditure if you decide to sell your watch in the future.

Vintage Rolex designs that are no longer manufactured have increased in value and many of them have become design and trend classics, associated with differentiation and style. 

Wearing a Rolex watch signifies the sincerity of your extraordinary tastes and desires, as well as a representation of your wealth and status.


If you decide to purchase a Rolex watch, the best way to do it is to buy from Rolex directly through an official retailer. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can check out professional buyers, pawnshops, and pawnbrokers to find a nice Rolex watch at a great price. Good luck!