Is Hermès Still Family Owned?

Hermès is one of the oldest and most well-regarded luxury goods producers in the world. Initially founded in France by Thierry Hermès, the company is still primarily owned by his descendants. The fashion house is well-known for its leather goods and is especially famous for its expensive handbags.

The company has produced some iconic designs over its long history, such as the Birkin or the Kelly bags. The Kelly bag became known after actress Grace Kelly started using it as her preferred handbag.

She initially saw it while purchasing accessories for a movie, and the bag was on display worldwide when she became the Princess of Monaco. The Kelly bag has become a fashion icon ever since!

Do Hermès Kelly Go Up in Value?

Hermès Kelly bags are a luxury item, and they are priced as such. Their retail prices can range from £6,000 to £30,000. Due to the high price point and lengthy waiting lists for Hermès products, many prospective buyers opt for the resale market.

However, Hermès Kelly bags are known to retain their value over time, and depending on the model, condition, and limited quantity of a particular item, the value can even appreciate! In this way, Kelly bags can be considered a financial asset as well, and not just a fashion accessory.

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What is the Difference between a Birkin and Kelly Bag?

Hermès Kelly bags are often compared with their more expensive counterpart, the Birkin. While there are apparent differences between the size and design of the two products, this difference is often exacerbated when it comes to the price. Birkin bags are generally more prominent than Kelly bags and are more functional as a result.

However, they are much more expensive as well, owing to the rare natural materials used in their creation. Kelly bags, on the other hand, are comparatively smaller and more compact, with a lower price range and versatility in it uses. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to get a high-quality leather item.

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How Much is a Hermès Kelly?

If you’re in the market for a new Hermès Kelly bag, you might be surprised to find how hard it is to find one. Due to the exceptionally high demand for these items, you will have trouble finding a new Kelly bag on a Hermès store shelf. It has to be ordered, and even that can take a long time.

The best option for regular consumers is to explore the resale market. With a little research, you can identify a reliable, professional seller that has a verified product at a reasonable price. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase a Kelly bag if you’re savvy enough to identify a good deal!

Why are Hermès Kelly Bags so Expensive?

Put simply, Hermès Kelly bags are intended to be priced high as their development process is extremely complicated. Firstly, the French manufacturer uses the most premium materials for its bags to create the finest quality leather imaginable.

The material is worked on by experts that have produced luxury bags for years, and each item is closely inspected for quality assurance. Hermès needs to ensure it’s providing its customers with a luxurious item to match the high price.

This is why it is vital to ensure your Kelly bag is authentic when purchasing from a reseller. We recommend availing the services of a professional appraiser for this purpose.

Should I buy Hermès Birkin or Kelly?

If you’ve decided to purchase a Hermès bag, you might be stuck between their two most popular models, the Birkin and the Kelly. Since both of these models will retain their value, you can choose the one that meets your personal needs.

Kelly bags are smaller and more lightweight but have less carrying capacity. Birkin bags are larger and are designed to provide more storage space and added convenience. However, Birkins are more expensive than Kelly bags, and Kelly bags also boast a broad spectrum of colours to choose from, so you can pick on out that matches your unique style.

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Can Anyone Buy a Hermès Bag?

If you’re looking to buy a Hermès bag, you might find it difficult or just too expensive to get a new one form a Hermès store. That is if you can even find one.

The best option if you are a regular customer is to look at three main avenues. The first is professional sellers or pawnbrokers. These individuals frequently deal with luxury items and often have their appraisers.

You can also try search online for a good deal on Hermès bags, but this option is not as secure. You can even visit an auction for luxury items and place bids, but you might be not able to secure the item you wanted.

What Colour Kelly is the Best?

One of the things that makes Hermès Kelly bags special is the wide variety of available colour options. The bag comes in the standard black and brown colours that are standard for every handbag.

This ensures that your Kelly bag is versatile and can be worn with any outfit. However, Kelly bags also come in a range of vibrant colours and unique styles, ranging from hot pink to midnight blue. There’s even a clear vinyl version of the Kelly bag, which comes in handy during security checks!

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How Can I Sell My Hermès Kelly?

If you want to sell your Hermès Kelly bag, you need to find a buyer that knows the worth of your item. The best place to sell your Kelly bag is a reputable buyer that has a professional appraiser at the ready.

You will be able to secure a fair value for your item and also receive a lump sum amount as a payment option. They even offer the chance to buy back your item if you change your mind about the sale later! Good luck!