The Birkin Bag by Hermès

Hermès is a French luxury goods producer and one of the most well-known and desirable brands in the world. The company’s line of handbags, especially the Birkin and Kelly ranges, are fundamental to its popularity.

These handbags are made in limited numbers, and getting your hands on one is a source of real distinction. If you want to sell your Birkin, these are the things you need to know!

Why Did Hermès Make the Birkin Bag?

The Birkin bag is a series of tote bags manufactured by the French designer accessories retailer Hermès. Birkin handbags are handcrafted, and the collection is titled after the English singer and actress Jane Birkin.

The bag was created in the 1980s and soon became a sign of luxury and desirability because of its hefty price and lengthy waiting lists. Birkins are a rare commodity among handbag collectors and was once seen as the most desirable handbag in the world. The worth of the bag is a consequence of its deliberately hefty premium.

Hermes Birkin Handbags

Is a Birkin Bag More Expensive than a Kelly?

Even though Kelly bags have been around longer, the Hermès Birkin is generally seen as the more valuable bag of the two. It is more expensive to buy a new one, and the used models sell for a higher price point as well because of this. However, both of these luxury products are known to retain their high value, so you can’t go wrong with either.

Can You Walk in to Hermès and Buy a Birkin?

The Birkin bag is one of the more sought-after luxury items in the world, and a limited quantity is produced each year. Due to this, there is a long waiting list to purchase a Birkin bag, and you won’t be able to get one off a shelf in a Hermès store.

You can’t even order them online! You have to visit a Hermès outlet and order one from there. However, you can also explore the used handbags market as professional sellers offer a quality product at reasonable rates.

Is A Hermès Birkin a Good Investment?

If you’re on the fence about a Birkin bag and are also considering another model like the Kelly, you don’t need to worry about the value. You can choose between functionality instead.

The development of the two bags shows the critical distinctions between Birkin and Kelly. The Kelly bag was crafted as a trendy luxury bag created to be worn at formal events. The Birkin was intended as a day-to-day bag capable of carrying all of your essential items conveniently.

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What is the Price of a Hermès Birkin Bag?

Several reasons lead to the elevated cost of Birkin handbags. For instance, the whole process of making a solitary handbag from beginning to end is undertaken by professional craftsmen who have mastered their art through years of practice.

Handcrafted bags and other leather products sold by Hermès are crafted of high-quality fabrics that require a long period of quality management to ensure that each item they produce is free of imperfections. Another aspect adding to the cost of these kinds of Hermès handbag products is their uniqueness.

With a limited range of items made for the label every year, having your hands on a Hermès Birkin handbag can be a difficult task. The blend of elegance, capabilities and uniqueness has made Hermès handbags one of the most luxurious leather products across the globe, ranging from £7,000 to £100,000!

Hermes Birkin Handbag

How Much Can I Sell My Birkin For?

At times, these items surface on the market and draw worldwide interest. A Birkin bag is more of an asset than just a fantastic leather item, which will pay off considerably in the long term.

Many that want to put their handbag on the market could demand premiums of up to 35 to 40 per cent when the right customer comes along.

For antique pieces, the price rises each year, and while you might be compelled to hang on to your unique Hermès bag for a little while, you should keep your eyes open to get the best possible value for your product.

Do Hermès Bags Hold their Value?

It’s appealing to hang on to your Hermès Birkin handbag in anticipation of having a better value in the future, but we’re recommending taking the chance now. That’s because the item may be compromised over time and may not be valued as highly in a few years. Due to the possibility of getting stains, discolouration, and other flaws, it is better to take advantage of your opportunities before the time comes to an end.

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What is the Best Way to Sell My Birkin Bag?

If you decide to sell your Hermès handbag, we recommend that you benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable buyers. Working with an experienced auction house allows you to get quicker returns on your products while increasing the likelihood of an immediate upfront fee with an institution that finds your item desirable. These buyers offer a buy-back option as well if you change your mind about selling your Birkin.

Professional buyers, pawnbrokers, and pawnshops will also help you get the maximum value for your Hermès bag with the support of professional appraisers. Other than that, you can even auction off your bag, or sell it on an online marketplace, but these methods might result in a reduced level of return.


If you want to sell your Hermès Birkin bag, the best way to do it is by availing the services of a professional buyer who can accurately determine the value of your bag. This will ensure you get the highest possible return for your prized possession. Good luck!