Selling Your Designer Watch

An expensive wristwatch is an accessory that will never go out of style. Watches aren’t used to tell the time anymore, although they are still perfectly capable of that.

In the modern world, everyone has a clock built into their phone, which has caused a relative decrease in the popularity and significance of watches. Designer watches are made with expensive materials and are aimed at individuals looking to spend large sums on a premium product.

Many famous companies have become a part of our culture over the years. For example, Rolex is a brand that symbolizes the wealth and affluence of its wearer.

Since collecting designer watches is a costly and niche hobby, you might be surprised to find that selling off an expensive watch is much more complicated than buying one. To find out more, read on!

What Branded Watches Are Worth Buying

The value of a luxury watch is determined by the popularity of its manufacturing company and the number of available pieces in the market.

Suppose you want to choose a timepiece that is stylish as well as popular. In that case, you can’t go wrong with choosing from one of the premier designer watch brands, which include Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Richard Mille, and Audemars Piguet, to name a few.

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Do Designer Watches Lose Value

When you buy an expensive item, you want to make sure that the item will retain its value in the long term if you need to dispose of it.

Buying popular brands helps in reselling, as their strong brand image makes them retain their value.

For example, if you want to sell your Rolex watch, you can find buyers who will appreciate the watch’s actual value, and some pieces can even increase their original price with time.

Some other factors to consider when determining your luxury watch’s value is its condition, like scratches on the dial or other signs of wear and tear will cause your item’s value to drop.

Where to Sell My Designer Watch

Designer watches are luxury items and should not be disposed of carelessly. Most people will be unaware of the real value of your item and will be inclined to underbid.

To recoup the maximum value of your watch, you need to choose the appropriate sales channels, such as online auctions, professional buyers, or pawnshops.

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Why My Designer Watch Might Not Sell On eBay

When discussing potential sales channels to dispose of your luxury watch, online marketplaces such as eBay might come to mind. However, this option should be avoided.

Ebay’s marketplace is vast and contains a wide selection of different items. Your product can easily get lost in the shuffle, and you might need to wait a long time before making a sale.

Additionally, the sale of luxury items on eBay requires external value assessment, verification, and other processes, which are complicated and time-consuming.

To get the best results, you should opt for specialized buyers that deal with luxury items exclusively.

Who Will Buy My Designer Watch

A designer watch is a valuable asset that can be quickly sold to generate income in times of need.

To help you dispose of your watch quickly, you should consider the services of a professional buyer or pawn establishment.

Professional buyers have designed their business to make the process of selling your luxury items efficient.

They can help with the appraisal process as they usually have experts available in-house. For the added convenience, they charge a small transaction fee.

On the other hand, online auctions and pawnshops carry various items from different categories.

This makes it harder to sell your item quickly, and the chances of recouping the maximum amount of value are also decreased.

Professional buyers also have the advantage of making the transaction fast by providing lump-sum payments.

Do Pawnshops Actually Take Designer Watches

Pawnshops are willing to carry any item that they can quickly flip for a profit, and this approach means they are likelier to buy well-known brands.

An advantage of dealing with pawnshops is that you will receive the payment in cash when the transaction is completed, and this option turns your designer watch into a liquid asset.

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Is Pawning or Selling Better

Pawning can be a superior option to selling as pawnshops are designed to deal with the rapid turnover of items, and they frequently deal with all sorts of luxury goods. Pawnshops have their appraisers and other criteria to determine value.

How Pawnbrokers Determine the Value

Pawnshops and other professional buyers usually employ professional appraisers to determine the real value of your luxury watch.

This ensures that the payment you receive for your watch is fair and beneficial to all parties. They also offer a buyback option for your product.

Professional buyers are well-versed in the luxury goods industry. They can determine an accurate value of your item by considering various factors, such as model, condition, and level of demand in the market.


Luxury watches are a luxury item that can provide value to owners by giving you a premium product on your wrist.

However, if you want to sell one from your collection or need to make some quick cash, make sure you choose the correct methods of marketing your prized possession.

Reputable buyers will often have verifiable customer reviews ensuring your watch will be in safe hands. Good luck!