Let’s talk about arm candy. Having a Rolex on your wrist signifies professionalism and class. But having a diamond Rolex on your arm shows extreme success and makes a statement that no other accessory can. From the GMT Master II Ice to the Daytona, there really is a diamond Rolex for every occasion, whether that’s sport, travel, or dinner. 

Rolex is well-known as the most premium watch brand in the world as they pride themselves on the quality of their products and the rarity of the materials they use to create their extravagant designs. Pair that with the addition of a multitude of diamonds, well, it’s an offer hard to resist. 

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What is Rolex’s most expensive watch?

It’s fair to say that Rolex’s are generally marketed towards the deep-pocketed few. Rolex watches have been seen on the wrists of celebrities from all sectors; Cristiano Ronaldo, John F Kennedy and Victoria Beckham. Combine this with the history of Rolex, it makes the price almost unsurprising. 

The Rolex GMT Master II Ice is the most expensive as the prices start at a whopping £350,000. Portuguese footballing legend Cristiano Ronaldo wore this watch when he attended the Dubai International Sports Conference. The GMT Master II Ice prides itself on the fact that it’s the most pricey Rolex you can buy new. The watch is made up of diamonds and white gold, with alternative features like a 50-hour power reserve and waterproof case, which is almost identical to the classic GMT Master II. 

Do Rolex watches have real diamonds?

Yes! Real Rolexes contain diamonds, and they use the highest quality of diamond possible. Rolex makes sure to only use diamonds that are IF in clarity. An IF (Internally Flawless) diamond is one that is expected to be completely perfect.

Do diamond Rolex watches hold value?

You would maybe assume that because diamond Rolex watches are a lot more expensive than the non-diamond models that they retain their value better. But that isn’t actually the case. In fact, when it comes to reselling a diamond Rolex, it’s common for it to have depreciated in value. This is because when buying a diamond Rolex, there is usually a huge price premium attached to it due to the nature of the watch. 

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How much is a factory Rolex diamond bezel?

A factory Rolex diamond bezel will set you back around £5,000-£6,000. As said previously, these watches don’t come cheap. 

Rolex GMT Master II Ice

The GMT Master II range is dubbed by Rolex as the ‘Cosmopolitan watch’, and can cleverly show two different time zones at the same time. The original model was made for keen travellers and people wanting to explore the world. The watch has the more conventional hour, minute and second and it also has a non-conventional 24 hour hand and graduated Cerachrom insert to display a timezone different to your local one. The Ice part of the GMT Master II takes the watch to another level as it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing watches in the game. Almost all of the watch itself is encrusted in 30 Carats of diamonds. 

The watch makes a bold statement, but that doesn’t mean the technological features have been compromised, this is Rolex after all. The case is made of 18 Carat white gold, and as with most Rolex watches, is waterproof up to 100 meters. Did I mention the case is also set with 79 perfectly round diamonds and the bezel is set with baguette-shaped diamonds? As you can see, the precision and craftsmanship that has gone into creating the GMT Master II Ice are extraordinary, which is why it comes with such a hefty price tag. This watch is definitely for the brave and bold only. 

Diamond Rolex Pearlmaster

Getting its name from the five-link Pearlmaster bracelet, the diamond Rolex Pearlmaster features diamonds on both the bezel and strap. Although some models are a little more modest, the diamond Pearlmaster makes for one of the most expensive women’s watches one can buy. The Pearlmaster is available in three types of gold; yellow gold, white gold and everose gold – all 18k of course. 

Diamond Rolex Datejust

The Datejust is vaguely similar to the Pearlmaster in terms of having a date window on the dial, but the Datejust offers a more customisable watch. You can completely make this watch your own by choosing the metal colour, dial and watch size. For the diamond Datejust, you can also choose the diamond placement too, whether you want diamonds in the bezel or on each hour mark of the watch face. 

Diamond Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona has certainly stood the test of time as it was created over 50 years ago, but it still stands as one of the market leaders when it comes to finding a stylish sports watch. Again, the Daytona is made with 18k white gold and is waterproof up to 100 metres, but it also features a tachymetric scale as it was first created to appeal to those in the racing car industry. There are many variations of the Daytona model when it comes to the diamond Daytona. For example, some buyers like to be bold with their arm candy so they may opt for the Daytona “leopard” for that early 2000’s quirky style. Spotted on the wrist of celebrities like Anthony Davis, in 2019 Rolex added to the animal theme and announced the “Eye of the Tiger” Daytona which has an animal print dial. 

For the less eccentric of you, although the Daytona’s may appear as wild, there are some tamer options too. Rolex offers a full gold edition of the Daytona, with only a few diamonds, and this is an extremely popular watch for its understated elegance. 

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Whatever Rolex you opt for, you can always rely on it to be well-made and beautiful to look at. However, a diamond Rolex can elevate the basic watch into something more luxurious, which is why they are popular for those wanting something bold.