When it comes to designer handbags, designers are dropping a few clues of what we should get in the coming year. We can reliably forecast the designer handbags that will lead in 2021 since market trends and primary sales are normally predicted at least six months in advance.

Every year, around this time, eager fashion enthusiasts try to boost their wardrobes for the coming summer season. In reality, novelty purchases and emerging patterns can emerge at any moment, surprising even the most seasoned apparel shoppers, so here are the 2021 fashion trends!

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Which handbag trends will stay in 2021?

These days, the design world is more about handbag models that speak to key patterns while being flexible and long-lasting enough to be relevant a few years down the road.

When you look at the rest of 2021, there is a small chance you might not get to see or show off your flashy new handbags due to lockdown restrictions.

That being said, fashion enthusiasts will always be on the lookout for the next big thing in the luxury handbag world.

This article showcases some of the major handbag styles you would have seen recently coming into the summer months of 2021, from classics to well-known luxury brands such as Chanel to newcomers that you may not have seen before!

1 – Mini Bags

Since 2019, the mini and small bag trend has been prominent. Some would say that in the era of COVID-19, mini bags are no longer appropriate, what with all of the hand sanitisers and masks we carry with us.

However, as time passes, more functional versions emerge, such as small tiny bags turned into premium gadget cases, meaning that extremely small bags continue to dominate long into the next year.

Choose from now easily recognisable designs such as the Jacquemus tiny Chiquito. Their trendy charm and sophisticated sense of style take influence from streetwear fashion.

This silhouette is inspired by the concept of Parisian chic. The bag has come to describe what modern-day elegance should appear like without being flashy and overflowing with accessories and pockets on the outside.

2 – Basket Bags

For years, raffia basket bags have become a staple of the classic summer wardrobe. Many trendy ladies have selected these pieces over the years for beach days, park picnics, and other occasions.

However, though the carryall has traditionally had a relatively lesser-known and effortless charm, raffia tote bags became very much the hot commodity last year owing to Spanish luxury company, Loewe. Loewe’s raffia totes packs, which included an interchangeable leather handle and the brand’s easily identifiable emblem, were rather commonplace among the luxury community.

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3 – 90’s shoulder bags

Keeping with this year’s tiny bag trend, 90’s bags are making a comeback, with Prada bags influenced by the era. Everybody is buzzing about the Italian luxury brand right now because of a slim yet elegant leather bag that is a spoof on a classic Prada design from the 1990s.

The Prada Cleo bag is the most famous bag by the brand in this period. It is mostly known for its distinctive place in the world of fashion and aesthetics. When you actually inspect the bag, you might not see anything too flashy.

But the appeal of the Prada Cleo bag is in the subtlety of its shiny black exterior and spacious interior that had ample space for various items, which was a necessity at the time.

Usually, a shoulder bag of the quality of Prada’s Cleo would be hampered by limited space, but this bag offered enough storage room to satisfy consumer demands.

Moreover, the Prada Cleo bag was renowned in fashion circles for its versatility as an accessory. Due to its sleek and minimalist matte black design, the bag could go with a wide range of outfits and was sturdy enough to be a daily use bag.

It’s no surprise that with the comeback of 90’s style shoulder bags that the Prada Cleo bag is again taking its place as an extremely desirable and perhaps even essential item in everyone’s handbag collection.

4 – Chains

Another popular trend in 2021 was the inclusion and incorporation of chains in lots of new models and purses. Chain straps, chain features, chains are a trend in 2021 on handbags.

The chains were usually matched with the colours of the rest of the handbag’s metal. This gave the chain a place as more of a fashion accessory to enhance the premium and exotic look of the handbags.

Other bags are taking a different aesthetic route, and featuring a large chain in place of a strap. However, the appeal of this design choice is more for aesthetic than functional reasons, so be sure to identify if a handbag with chains is what you’re looking for.

Chain Bags

5 – Large Tote bags

It’s no surprise that large bags are a prominent trend in 2021. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting lockdown restrictions, it’s become a necessity to carry around a lot of different items, and this has resulted in the use of larger handbags as well.

However, the shape of choice is the angular tote bag. The tote bag has been a staple in the luxury handbag world in recent years, and so it has been given preference over other square-shaped large handbags as the choice for 2021.

6 – Phone Holders

In 2021, the most essential item you can carry is probably your phone. It’s no surprise then that tiny bags only meant for your phone, like the Chanel vanity phone holder with chain are a major trend in 2021.

Phone holders may seem to have limited use on the surface, but these bags provide a lot of much-needed protection for your expensive electronic devices. These bags can even serve as an alternative to phone covers, which some feel ruin the aesthetic quality and appeal of their devices.

With a stylish phone holder like the Chanel, you can keep your phone safe and carry it around without any problems.