How To Sell Your Hermès Handbag?

The Parisian company Hermès boasts very humble beginnings. In the 19th century, the company created leather harnesses and saddles for horses and carriages. Far from its past legacy, the company today boasts one of the most premium leather goods businesses in the world!

Central to its success is the range of handbags manufactured by the company, specifically the Birkin and Kelly collections.

These handbags are manufactured in limited quantities, which makes owning one a matter of real prestige.

Even more than direct retail, Hermes handbags have a mysterious legacy of costing more if they are resold. This could be due to the extensive waiting lists for any one particular style.

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Why are Hermés Bags so Expensive?

Several factors contribute to the high price of Hermès handbags. For starters, the complete process of creating a single handbag from start to finish is carried out by expert artisans that have perfected their art over years of experience. The handmade bags and other leather goods sold by Hermès are made with premium quality materials that undergo a lengthy quality assurance process to ensure that each handbag they create is free from blemishes, sublime, and truly exquisite.

Another factor that contributes to the price of certain Hermès handbag collections is their exclusivity. With only 12000 pieces made for some collections every year, getting your hands on a Hermès Birkin handbag can turn into a real challenge.

The combination of luxury, skill, and exclusivity have poised Hermès handbags to become one of the most expensive leather goods in the world!

What Is the Most Popular Hermès Bag?

Originally designed on the request of the popular actress Jane Birkin, the Hermès Birkin bag is the most popular and iconic amongst the producer’s line of luxury handbags.

Each bag can take up to 15 to 20 hours to prepare by the hands of expert craftsmen and are considered to be a better investment than the stock market!

Do Birkins Go Up in Value?

If you are set to sell your Hermès handbag, various factors can contribute to the final price you can expect. For entirely unworn pieces, you can expect a direct premium of around 20 to 25% from most resellers depending on size and colour.

The condition of the bag determines this premium, and most resellers look for signs of wear to determine the worth of a piece. Blemishes, the condition of the leather, the presence of all accessories and dust bag, the state of the plastic wrapping, and other such minute factors can significantly affect the price of a Hermes Birkin’s handbag.

How Much Can I Sell My Birkin For?

At certain times, pieces pop up on the market that attracts worldwide attention. A Hermès bag is more of an investment that a mere leather good, and it can pay off substantially in the long run.

Those opting to place their handbag on consignment can expect premiums of up to 35 to 40% when the right buyer comes along. And the figures can go even higher if the condition of the bag is excellent or if the leather is of a particularly sought-after colour. As an example, a particularly popular colour that you had bought last year for around £8000, can return a total of up to £10,000!

For some vintage pieces, the price can increase every passing year, and although you may be tempted to hold on to your vintage Hermès bag for a little longer, you can never know when you might just receive the very best price possible.

That is why it is an excellent idea to stay in touch with the market, and have your bag appraised through professional auctioneers and reputable establishments regularly.

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Where to Sell my Hermès Bag?

When you move forward with selling your Hermès handbag, we suggest benefitting from the services of professional buyers. Based on our experience, partnering with an established buyer enables you to get more speedy returns on your items while increasing the possibility of a direct upfront payment if the establishment finds your piece appealing.

Professional auctioneers can also help you get the highest possible premium of your Hermès bag through the provision of professional appraisers.

An incredibly convenient option nowadays is to opt for online auctions held by reputable establishments. Most establishments take great care to protect the identity and information of their clients, and you can rest assured that complete confidentiality will be enacted.

Can I Sell a Used Hermès Bag?

As we said before, it is no doubt tempting to hold on to your Hermès Birkin handbag in the hopes of catching a higher premium in the future, but we suggest taking the opportunity today! This is because your handbag can suffer from degradation over time and may not be worth as much a few years later. Due to the risk of developing scratches, blemishes, and other defects, it is best to avail your chances before the opportunity runs out!

Partnering with a reputable reseller can help you find those who truly appreciate the product that you have protected! Imagine a Hermès bag finding its way into the wrong hands! It could turn into a disaster for the limited-edition piece!

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When it comes to selling your Hermès handbag, sooner is genuinely better.

A quick search on the internet can introduce you to reputable establishments in your country. We suggest reading user reviews and testimonials to get a better understanding of the nature of the company before you make your final decision to contact their representatives.

Good luck!