How to Sell Your Chanel Bag?

When it comes to accessorising your style, few brands come close to Chanel’s exquisite range of handbags. Made of premium quality materials, they are designed to amaze. But it isn’t just the form that impresses, they are fully capable of handling the task they’re designed for. They embody the perfect balance of form and function.

Talking about Chanel handbags, the brand uses most luxurious materials such as velvet, lambskin, goatskin, calfskin, wool tweed, cotton tweed, satin, aged calfskin, gold-tone metal, and more. These handbags are specially designed to complete your vogue ensemble for the most formal black-tie parties, or even for everyday life.

Where Can I Sell My Chanel Handbag?

You might already know that luxury accessory items like Chanel products cannot be sold in the usual manner. You need to find buyers who understand and acknowledge the brand prestige and are capable of adequately appraising the bag. This is why you would rarely find someone selling their luxury handbags on eBay.

Chanel Handbag

Instead, you need to take a more sophisticated approach when it comes to selling your luxury bag. You can either go to professional buyers or place your bag in online auctions.​ Professional buyers work at a quick speed​ and can hand you the lump sum cash instantly. Another way is to go to a pawnbroker where premium brand products can be properly appraised. These are the most effective ways to get the best value for your Chanel handbag.


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How to Sell a Chanel Bag?

The best way to sell your high worth designer handbag is to research the market for specialised buyers and online auctions. Check out multiple customer reviews and identify whether they are a reputable business and have the credibility and authenticity so you can place your trust in them. You have to know what your credible options are when it comes to resale. Also, remember the fact that what you paid for the bag may not have any bearing on its resale price.

Secondly, you need to share high definition photos of your designer bag so the premium make and finish are clearly highlighted. This way it will have a better chance of being appraised adequately.

How Much is Chanel Handbag Worth?

It doesn’t matter how much you paid for the bag​ when you bought it. There are certain Chanel bags on which you can actually make a profit of £1000 to £2000! However, it definitely depends on the bag and how rare or in-demand it is. Generally, the client performs appraisals of the bag and makes an offer. You have a right to accept or reject that offer or further negotiate. Highlight the positives and the features of the bag to gain the upper hand.

Also, you need to keep in mind that if you are using a third-party website, there might be a fee or commission associated with the sale. Always take that into account.

Why Chanel Bags Are Expensive?

Established in 1910 in Paris, Chanel has a legacy of more than a century of manufacturing a diverse variety of highest quality premium fashion products. Chanel handbags are no exception. They don’t only use the most premium materials but the industry’s best manufacturing practices along with offering pristine customer care. That’s what makes Chanel bags expensive – the legacy, quality, and care for the customer.


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Does Chanel Hold its Value?

Generally, Chanel handbags hold their value but it obviously depends on how much they have been used and the condition they are in. The integrity of their build and the overall condition determines how much resale value they can fetch. Since they use premium leather and metal as build materials, the bags can be still in great condition even if they have been used for years. It also depends on how much care the user has taken care of their bag since it can have a huge impact on the physical condition. You can get anywhere from 25% to 150% of its purchase price based on different factors.

Do I Need a Receipt to Sell My Designer Handbag?

It’s nice to have but it’s not a prerequisite. People you are selling to are either professionals or enthusiasts who have a keen eye for designer handbags and they’d know if it’s a real Chanel or not. This is why you won’t need to have the receipt to establish authenticity and ownership.

Can I Sell a Used Chanel Bag?

Absolutely. You can sell your used Chanel handbag. It will be appraised according to its condition and a price will be quoted to you which you can accept or reject. Note that Chanel or other designer handbags are just not a commodity but a fashion statement. That’s why they hold immense value even after they have been used for quite a while.


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Should I Sell My Chanel Bag?

We understand that selling the premium handbag that often has been with you for years is not an easy decision. But sometimes you want to declutter your wardrobe and other times you need that instant cash. Whatever it is, when such time comes it no longer remains a choice but becomes a necessity. Something you have to do since your priorities have changed.

Having said that, for your peace of mind, we also offer a buyback option with. It means that if at a later date, you want to buy your Chanel handbag back, you can.

Final Word

Selling a designer handbag can be quite challenging since the buyer pool is limited and it’s not easy to find them. That’s where professional designer product buyers, online auctioneers, and brand-conscious pawnshops can help you out. If you are dealing online, you need to present your Chanel bag in the best light possible by sharing high-quality photos and mentioning all of its features, especially the materials. But could face months of waiting before a genuine buyer comes along.

Going to a professional buyer may cost you a few pounds in the way of commission or service charges, however, you will also get a great customer experience and real worth of your handbag in terms of cash.