As increasing numbers of counterfeit luxury handbags enter the market, it becomes more challenging to recognise the distinction between them and real Hermès handbags. 

Even so, there are always some inconsistencies in counterfeit bags, making it easier to determine real from fake. 


How Do I Know If My Hermès Bag Is Authentic?

The most important factor is where you purchased it from. Always purchase from reputable retailers. This can’t be emphasised enough because it’s a guaranteed way to make sure you’re purchasing a real Hermès bag. 

A professional seller who uses a comprehensive method of authentication for each product before it is delivered to the customer provides a sense of security. If you plan to purchase from online users through online marketplace platforms, act with due care. 

It is not advised that you make any transaction without having the bag appraised by a professional.


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Do Hermès bags have a serial number?

Hermès bags do feature a serial number system to classify their products as Chanel does, with Hermés it is called a “Blind Stamp”, sometimes these stamps are barely visible to the eye. However, Hermès do not provide an authenticity card with their bags. 

So, If you are purchasing a Hermès bag from someone and they try to prove the bag’s worth with any sort of authenticity card, you’ll know it’s a fake.


Is Hermès Good Quality?

Hermès leather goods are considered to be among the most excellent calibre in the world, and this is the first aspect you can notice with a counterfeit bag whether the leather smells or looks cheap.


Where Can I Authenticate My Hermès Bag?

You can take a handbag you’re unsure about to Hermès or use a reliable professional appraiser.  

If you’ve bought a Hermès bag and you’re uncertain about its validity, send it to the Hermès shop to have it restored

If it’s fraudulent, Hermès will decline to repair it, and you’ll know right away.


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Common Signs of a Fake Hermès Bag


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Each Hermès bag is handcrafted and stitched, which means that the sew lines should be impeccable on a genuine bag. Evidently, there can be no stitches out of alignment, out of line, uneven seams, or odd designs on a genuine Hermès handbag. 

To check the stitches on the Hermès bag, trace the lines closely with your finger, use gloves if you like, and notice any threads that are out of alignment or skewed along the seam line. If you see any evidence of imperfect sewing, you should have the bag checked out by a professional.



The lining and the inside of a Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag is created with precision. Most of these products are fitted with chevre hide, a goat’s hide that is textured and not smooth. 

There are Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags of different materials used for the inner surface or lining, but the product would still be of good quality and, in most instances, made of leather similar to the outer surface of the bag and matching in colour unless it is a special order.  

Another approach to guarantee the reliability of the leather or inside is to check the colour palette on the Hermès website and to ensure that the sewing is smooth and correct without frayed edges.


Brand Hardware

Genuine hardware on Hermès bags is often pure metallic, normally either palladium or gold plated. The hardware often bears tiny labels that show that it is a rare element and that it can feel strong and of good quality. 

The usage of valuable metals on Hermès’ bags often ensures that the hardware on Hermès’ genuine bags would not cheapen over time. Notice the thickness of the lock, buttons, studs, and other bits of metal on the bag while inspecting the components on the Hermès bag. 

If they seem lightweight and inexpensive, it can serve as a warning sign. The Hermès Birkin toggle is also another way to verify the validity of the bag. Authentic toggles are supposed to offer a seamless turn as you rotate them, comparable to the motion of a watch. 

Toggles fitted to counterfeit bags appear to be much smaller and lighter and appear grainy like sand once turned. Some might also be restrictive as you turn. If you notice the tension of a string while turning a toggle on the bag, this is a deal-breaker. 

Hermès create their own zippers with the word Hermès.  Tread carefully because counterfeiters may even copy Hermès zips on their model. So, there are several other ways to differentiate a genuine Hermès zip from a counterfeit one. 

Genuine Hermès zip pulls should not slide down or drop off the zip line at an angle of 90 degrees. If it is the real thing, it should stay parallel to the zipper. If the zipper pull is able to hang, you should be alerted to possible deception. 

The Hermès logo is stamped on the front of their bags in a delicate and tidy font that does not change the feel of the leather. On a lot of counterfeit Hermès bags, the logo would look odd, large, or rectangular. Ensure that the emblem on the bag is evenly centred without being crooked, skewed or twisted in any way and that the paint of the stamp is crisp without blurred lines.


Shape and Size

The shape of the bag and the handles is an ideal indication as to whether the bag is genuine or fraudulent. When placed on a surface, the bag should be tidy and prominent without sagging or protruding in spots, also the exact shape of a design does not change, if the external shape is off or the handle shape this is a sure sign the bag is not genuine.

The same happens to the handles that can stand down and up. There might be situations where someone has improperly stored their Birkin or Kelly, creating a curve in the handles. However, when you grip the bag, you’ll be able to tell instantly if it’s real. 

It is also worth noting that Hermès bags are built with very specific measurements, if the measurements are off so is the bag.


Rain Bag and Dust Bag

To begin with, you should always get a Hermès dust bag with any Hermès bag if it claims to be new.  The dust bag is of the best quality, much like the product itself is and will have high quality stitching. 

The colour of the dust bag is often light beige or orange with a dark brown Hermès emblem on it. Fake dust bags also come in a grey colour with a burgundy coloured stamp. 

Another aspect of concern is that the drawstring on the dust bag is always brown and must be made of full cotton. You must be mindful that the dust bag might have been misplaced with some recycled Birkin and Kelly bags and thus this refers only to completely new bags. 

Different versions have different colours and sizes of dust bags, various colours of dust bags depending on the year.


Now that you’re aware of how to spot a fake Hermès handbag, you can get a better deal when you decide to buy one. The best way to get genuine leather goods is via professional sellers. Good luck!