Discontinued Rolex Watches


While the latest Rolex watches are still great products to buy in the current market, it is just as important to explore what versions have already been discontinued. For those that want to sell Rolex watches, now that these versions have been removed from Rolex’s existing catalogue, they can only be purchased from the pre-owned luxury watch market.

And in certain situations, this can also imply an increase in demand for newly aged out watches as availability has decreased. So, with that in view, take a look at the discontinued Rolex models in 2020.


Rolex Sea-Dweller

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Buy A Rolex?

You can’t just walk into any store and get the exact Rolex model you’re looking for. Different stores have different wait lists for new models, so you need to do your research and find the right store that will supply you with the model you want. If you can’t wait that long, you should consider buying a pre-owned model.  The average wait time for a highly popular model is 2 years.


How Much Is My Discontinued Rolex Worth?

Rolex watches are an outstanding investment as they maintain their value and increase their worth as years pass. Due to the premium quality of the watches and their unique designs, the products last a long time if they are well looked after and maintained, and if you want to sell them in the future you can expect a good return.

Classic Rolex versions that are not produced anymore earn much more value as many have become design and fashion symbols, associated with uniqueness and elegance.

Wearing a Rolex watch on your wrist implies great taste and desire and a boast of your status or wealth.

Due to the success, value and stability of the watch industry, Rolex timepieces are remarkably robust in their value. 


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What Rolex Holds Its Value The Best?

When it comes to retaining value, all Rolex models can be trusted to provide a reasonable return if sold. However, the models that appreciate the most in value over time are rare or limited edition watches, so keep an eye out for those.

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3 Rolex Models That Were Discontinued In 2020


Rolex Green Submariner (The Hulk)

With the launch of the innovative Submariner 41 collection, Rolex has inevitably discontinued the existing Submariner Date 11661x and Submariner 114060 versions. This discontinued type of Submariner has been extremely popular with several versions sold out and charging high prices on the open market. 

One of the most common was the Submariner in steel, ref. 116610LV, with a green ceramic bezel and a matching green dial, which was appropriately named The Hulk.  Although Rolex released the latest green ceramic bezel Submariner ref. 126610LV, it has a black dial.


Rolex Sea-Dweller with leather strap 

With the arrival of the latest Sky-Dweller watches with the Oysterflex strap, Rolex has retired all of the Sky-Dweller watches with leather bands. A couple of years ago, we saw a familiar tactic when Rolex substituted all Daytona leather models with Daytona Oysterflex models. 

In addition, Rolex is actually only selling gold watches with the Oysterflex strap. Now, if you want a Rolex model with a leather strap, your only option is to find a pre-owned version.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 model

Perhaps Rolex’s most shocking development is the abrupt cessation of the common Oyster Perpetual 39 model. To most, 39mm was a convenient middle ground to indulge every day with a relaxed Rolex watch.  

There’s a chance some would love the bigger 41mm Oyster Perpetual, but for others who prefer a somewhat narrower one but don’t want their watch to be too small like the 36mm version, they’re going to have to look for an Oyster Perpetual 39 that is pre-owned. 

The Rolex entry-level Oyster Perpetual range has launched a brand-new Oyster Perpetual 41 model, the largest variety ever created. Like all other sizes in the range, the Oyster Perpetual 41 is made entirely of stainless steel, has a flat bezel, and is equipped with an Oyster bracelet.


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Where can I sell my discontinued Rolex? 

Luxury products such as premium Rolex watches cannot be sold using conventional methods. That’s why you don’t see vendors selling their Rolex on the typical consumer market. 

You will have to locate a client who not only knows the value of your Rolex, but understands the model’s heritage and quality. That’s why you need professional buyers who can accurately evaluate your Rolex and offer you a reasonable quotation.

If you want to sell your discontinued Rolex, one of the better solutions open to you is professional buyers as they facilitate high-speed payments and have the potential to offer a lump sum of cash immediately. Good luck!