Over the past year, it’s fair to say that our bags haven’t been utilised in the way they should be. With no excuse to get dressed up and go out for dinner, drinks, or even just to leave the house, our bags have been firmly planted in our wardrobes over the last year. 

But, now as life is opening up once more we’re beginning to brush the dust off our bags and get them back out. Luckily this summer will see the functional (and luxury) bag reestablish its place in our wardrobes. Whether you’re buying a new bag, or selling your bag, there are plenty of other upcoming trends too that we’re expecting to see dominate the highstreets and luxury stores this summer. One thing is for sure, you can always count on Chanel, YSL and Gucci to return with their staple designs. 

Summer Handbag

What handbag colours are trending this summer?

Fashion has innately reflected society since its very creation. This summer’s no different. As the sun comes out and lockdowns have been lifted, the brighter colour palette favoured by designers certainly reflects the happier mood felt by society. This may be why we’re seeing bold and bright colours at the forefront of summer trends. Say goodbye to your monotonal winter wardrobe as bubblegum pinks, jade greens and saffron yellows take the reigns. 

Barbie pink. You probably thought it would never make a comeback – but it has. Designers Valentino and Fendi have both used the colour in their bags this summer, and this trend has most definitely transpired to high street brands too. A great addition to an all-black outfit, a bubblegum pink bag can add that pop of colour and excitement to an otherwise boring look. As an idea, Chanel’s Fluro pink handbag in denim might make a great addition to your new colourful wardrobe.

Neon greens are now colours of the past. Introducing the new kelly green. Bottega Veneta is responsible for bringing this colour into the market as it was used as an accent colour in their Autumn/Winter 20’ show. 

You might not be familiar with saffron yellow, but it’s a hue of yellowy-orange, and it’s tipped to be very popular this summer. Typically yellow does make an appearance in the summer months, but this specific shade hasn’t been seen on the catwalk in a few years. Until Simon Miller brought the colour back in his collection. You might be worried about buying a bag in a colour you’re unsure about, still go for a colour, just a lighter hue to make sure you get maximum wear out of your luxury bag. 

Wicker Bag

What is the latest handbag trend?

From chunky chain bags to pillow bags, there are so many handbag trends right now. As we prepare for those lazy beach days, larger tote bags, specifically curved ones, are becoming extremely popular. Square totes however have seen better days as angular larger bags from Givenchy and Dior, such as the book tote are trending this summer.

Chunky chain bags take the lead when it comes to summer trends. Heavy link gold strap handbags are being used as a statement. Seen all over Instagram, the chunky chain bags originally came from Bottega Veneta after they added a chain to their classic Cassette bag. The chain Cassette bag was a hit from the moment it dropped and since then the bag has become a wardrobe staple. The chain doesn’t just have to be a simple gold though, Versace debuted a pink bag featuring a yellow chain strap, mixing two trends, colour and chains. 

1. Microbags

Made famous by celebrities like Lizzo, the mini bag trend began in Autumn/Winter 2019 and since then smaller bags have taken over. The Jacquemus Le Chiquito only further accelerated the trend, with the bag not even able to fit a phone or AirPods in. The microbag made us minimise what we carry and think about what we actually need in our handbags. Plus, they were a bit of fun. Although on-trend right now, there is the worry of how long these bags will remain on-trend as functionality is becoming more important once again. 

2. A throwback to the early 2000s

Y2K. Paris Hilton. Juicy Couture. The early 2000s were an iconic moment in time. The 2000 trend is coming back and seems like it’s here to stay. The Y2K style brought back the baguette shoulder bag and logo covered bags too. Many people are opting to buy retro Dior Trotter bags to hop on the trend. Other designers like Fendi have also brought out a monogram baguette bag in the hopes to continue the Y2K trend. 

3. A Geometric statement

Designers have started experimenting with angular totes and other bags of various shapes. Brands like Balenciaga and Loewe have inspired a new era of shapely and pillow bags. If you want to stand out from the crowds, an asymmetric bag might be for you. Some of the bags come in all sorts of quirky shapes and sizes, whether you want a triangle shape, crescent or circle. 

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4. Extra-large holdalls

From one extreme to the other. Although microbags are on this list, so are extra-large bags. The pandemic has seen minimalism go out the window, and bigger really is better. Gone are the days where you can pack your phone, key and card in a bag. Instead, we have to remember a hand sanitiser and face mask too. Oversized bags have been growing in popularity over the last couple of seasons, ever since Jacquemus debuted their exceptionally large straw bag on the runway in 2019. As their Le Chiquito is the poster bag for microbags, creating the opposite, a bag which can quite literally hold the kitchen sink, seemed like the only way forward for Jacquemus. 

5. Wicker

Wicker is not just for the seaside anymore. Bags in the style of the YSL Rive Gauche are a staple summer bag and they tend to recur most summers. Dior offers their Oblique bag made from natural wicker while Chloé sells their Marcie bag made of calfskin and cotton. There are plenty of designer choices to cater for your wicket bag needs, and as this style of bag comes back into trend almost annually, it’s guaranteed to give you your money’s worth. A wicker bag is also guaranteed to give you that beachy and boho vibe you might be wanting to add to any holiday outfit. 

6. 2-in-1 bags

Multitasking has never been so important. Again, reiterating what was previously said, functionality is key. The Hermès Herbag is frequently called the 2-in-1 bag because it essentially gives you two handbags in one purchase. The Herbag is cleverly designed to allow a medium-sized handbag to widen and open up into a 14-inch backpack if you need extra room. Although now discontinued, it seems that Hermès paved the way for 2-in-1 bags.

There are so many bag styles on the market right now that it makes it difficult to choose. Do I go for a big tote or a small shoulder bag? It’s all down to personal preference. It’s always a good idea to invest in a luxury bag for the summer months. After all, accessories can either make or break an outfit.