When buying a piece of luxury jewellery, you don’t want to just wear it once and then put it in the back of your wardrobe to never be seen again. You want an investment, something that can make you money by just sitting in your wardrobe if you’re not using it. 

Luxury Jewellery

What type of jewellery holds its value?

Bangle bracelet

The simplicity of the bangle bracelet has cemented the accessory as one which can be worn by all, at any time. The key to choosing an investment piece of jewellery is to keep it simple. For example, the Cartier Love Bracelet (which we will touch on more later on) has been loved by people since its creation in 1969.  

Gold watches

Gold tends to be a classic and timeless material. Pair that with a watch, a practical tool, then you’ve got yourself a killer combo. Gold is valuable, it always has been, and it makes money. Depending on which percentage purity of the gold you bought originally, it will retain its value over time. 

Pendant necklace

A pendant necklace is a great way to wear something which is meaningful, whether that be something related to one of your ancestors or your initials. More importantly, more than one pendant necklace can look great layered with other necklaces on any outfit. 

Rolex Sub on Wrist

Luxury pieces that we think are worth it

Here is a list of 5 luxury pieces that we think are worth your time and money when buying and investing:

1. Rolex watches

A Rolex watch is the ultimate everyday accessory and it embodies both elegance and luxury. Their prestigious price tag reflects the design, quality and craftsmanship which goes into every single one of their handmade watches. By considering the exclusivity of a Rolex, you can estimate how much of an investment it’s likely to be. Other properties like age, model and condition, all play a part in resale value. So, be choosy, look at the intricate details of the watch before you commit to fully purchasing it. The sports Rolex watches, like the Daytona or the explorer models, are very well-known for retaining their original value, and the Rolex Submariner is a good investment too because of its sheer popularity in the market. 

2. Hermès Collier de Chien Bracelet

Hermès not only know how to make a great bag, but they also know how to make great jewellery too. It’s well-known that Hermès products last a lifetime, it’s estimated that the Collier de Chien can hold up to 66% of its value when listed for resale. Made out of calfskin and gold plated medor pyramid studs and rings, the Collier de Chien is a chunky style bracelet that can add an edgy twist to any outfit. Hermès offers both a choice of leather and metal; whether you’re more of a classic gold type of person or a modern silver person. Also unlike their staple Birkin bag which you may have to wait years for, the Collier de Chien bracelet can be bought at most Hermès stores or online. 

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3. Alhambra necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels have used the four-leaf clover design for several years now and the Alhambra necklace is part of the reason why Van Cleef & Arpels have cemented themselves as such a big name in the world of accessories. The collection is named after the Alhambra Palace in Grenada, Spain, famous for its many sweeping doorways and corridors – the necklace has a rich history. Also, the necklace offers endless colour and gemstone combinations, from yellow and rose gold, to agate, mother-of-pearl and carnelian. The motif comes in 3 different sizes, Sweet (smallest), Vintage (medium) and Magic (largest).  This means that there really is a necklace for everyone and you can cater for your own unique style. In terms of resale value, it’s been known for the Alhambra necklace to hold its value up to 113%, which can make for a pretty huge investment. 

4. Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelet

The first Cartier bracelet to make this list is the Juste un Clou. The Juste un Clou translates from French to mean ‘just a nail’, which the bracelet is inspired by. This bracelet commands a more modern buyer and has been more popular with the younger generation, after being seen on the wrists of celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner. In 2012, Cartier expanded the Juste un Clou range as they began to offer the design in a ring as well as a bracelet. Now, the collection offers cufflinks, earrings and a necklace. It’s fair to say that the Juste un Clou bracelet still reigns as the most popular Cartier accessory. For the money-savvy, the Just un Clou bracelet is the best jewellery investment you can make right now, as they can keep up to 106% of their original value, which makes reselling easy. 

5. Cartier Love Bracelet

It’s a staple and it has been for years. The bracelet was designed by Aldo Cipullo in New York City and was the first of its kind thanks to its intricate design. The colour options also make the bracelet a fan-favourite as it comes in yellow, rose and white gold. The symbolism of love is heavily continued throughout the bracelet – you cannot just slip this bangle on and off. In order to get the bracelet on you must secure the clasp with the screwdriver which is included with the bracelet. If you’re looking to treat yourself to an even more luxurious version of the classic Cartier Love bracelet, then they now do versions with various diamonds and gemstones. If you’re looking to sell your Cartier Love bracelet in its original packaging with the screwdriver, box and receipt are the best way to get the highest prices.

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If you can, invest in your jewellery

If you’re looking to add a new addition to your accessories, then the listed luxury jewellery is the best way forward. The jewellery market tends to be a lot less risky than other investment markets, so by buying a simple but classic piece of jewellery, you’re ensuring that it doesn’t lose value over time. Great jewellery is the secret to any great outfit, so invest if you can!