You might be thinking about upgrading your accessories and splurging on a new luxury bag. But making sure your bag will stand the test of time is so important when it comes to buying a designer handbag. You don’t want to end up spending lots of money on a bag for it to then get lost in the back of your wardrobe because it’s not worn enough. So, here’s an idea of the handbags which won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. 

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Which luxury handbag should I buy?

There are two elements of choosing a timeless luxury handbag that you should be aware of; picking a classic bag and a staple colour or material. Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior all offer that classic, chic bag that will hold its value over time. Later on, we’ll talk about our four all-time favourite bags. 

The next thing is colour. Bright colours can age quickly. A couple of years ago Barbie pink was ‘tacky’, now, thanks to Valentino and Fendi, it’s making a comeback. Season upon season, you can never really predict which bright colours will be a hit and which will be a miss. So, the safest option is to opt for a staple colour. Think white, black, brown and red. These colours are constantly being recycled throughout seasons by designers and are likely to always remain on-trend. 

Do luxury bags hold their value?

Many people choose to buy a designer handbag as an investment, but the truth is that it all depends on what bag you choose to purchase. Racked even reported that a designer bag in its original, well-kept box, can keep 63% of its retail value. When it comes to buying, reselling price and buyer demand could also both be key considerations for you. At the top of the ranking order is Hermès, whose Kelly and Birkin bags are renowned for their immense resale value because of their exclusivity. Other, more affordable options of brands with great resale history include Chanel and Dior. 

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What is the best material for a handbag?

Undoubtedly the most popular material for a luxury handbag is leather. Leather can be easily shaped and cut, which makes it a sturdy choice. It looks effortless and chic and tends to age pretty well too. The only drawback is that leather doesn’t come cheap. The process of making ordinary leather is demanding, and the price can be even pricier if the material has come from exotic animals. For example, Hermès tend to use crocodile, lizard or ostrich skin in their bags, which as you can imagine is extremely hard to come by. 

How do I choose a handbag to buy?

When there’s so much great choice on offer, it’s always going to be a tough decision. Start by considering what you want from your bag. Do you want to travel with it? Fit a laptop in it? Or do you just want it for your purse and phone? Once you’ve established the primary purpose of your bag, you can start narrowing down your search. 

Comfort and colour are also important. You don’t want a bag that will hurt your shoulder or arm when carrying it. Also, choose a colour that works with the clothes you’ve got in your wardrobe. If you’re really into black, then a black bag would work, unless you wanted to add a pop of colour and go for a vibrant red. 

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The luxury handbags that will stand the test of time

Bottega Veneta Roma Tote (Medium)

The Roma Tote is a big name and top seller for Bottega Veneta. This bag offers a spacious alternative to a traditional tote bag, as it has three large compartments within it. Made of light calf leather, the Roma Tote has a padlock clasp to keep your belongings safe and comes with a handy mini mirror and key fob. It comes in a choice of two sizes, we prefer the medium tote as it’s the perfect size for carrying a lot of stuff but it looks like you’re not. Designed primarily for functionality, the Roma Tote remains timeless whatever colour you buy. However, we really love the bright blue which is a bold choice but will add a pop of colour to any outfit. 

Gucci Bamboo Tote

Although bamboo hasn’t quite made its full comeback yet, it still remains a timeless piece. The idea of using bamboo in bags was introduced in the 1940s, where it was viewed as an innovative way of replacing the standard leather bag handle. Gucci’s Bamboo Tote was allegedly one of the late Princess Diana’s favourite bags, and she was widely photographed carrying it. Just in time for what would have been the Princess’ 60th birthday at the beginning of this month, Gucci reissued the bamboo bag as the Gucci Diana bag. With its square shape and spacious inside, it seems the perfect tote bag for any budding princess.

Dior Caro Bag

The Dior Caro bag is the smallest bag on this list, but we’re not talking Jacquemus Chiquito small, the Caro bag is still big enough to fit everything you’d need in it. This bag isn’t a tote, it’s a crossbody bag which makes it perfect for everyday use. The Caro features cannage stitching and the staple gold CD closure, Dior also sells another shoulder strap so you can mix it up if you wish. Dior offers a multitude of colours, sizes and fabric options. The Caro is usually offered in two sizes and a simple colour selection of ivory, black and grey. But, for summer 2021, Dior has released three other sizes in alternative colours such as blue, red and mint green. The exclusivity of these colours might make them worth more when it comes to resale and value. 

Louis Vuitton NéoNéo Bag

There is no luxury brand that creates more classic pieces than Louis Vuitton. From their Speedy to their Neverfull, it’s hard to argue that a Louis Vuitton bag isn’t a staple in anybody’s wardrobe. The NéoNéo is a bucket bag, and you have the choice in which canvas it’s made from, whether that is the familiar Damier Ebène or the Monogram. It can be worn in many ways thanks to its adjustable strap, so it can work as a shoulder or crossbody bag. Although the bag hasn’t got a zip or clasp, it has got a drawstring closure and a zipped inner pocket to keep all your valuables safe. 

One thing you can guarantee with these bags is that they will never go out of style.