Rolex watches are created with a high-quality patented material called Roles, which is a blend of 18-carat gold and 904L steel. In certain instances, instead of the regular gold, the mix contains white or yellow gold.

Aside from the special ceramic, certain watches’ bezels are made of a particularly advanced material. Platinum, silk, luminous paint, mother of pearl, among other high-end fabrics are among the other materials included.


To ensure quality, all of the watches are hand-assembled. This is why the price of a new Rolex starts at £5,000, with the most being available between £8,000 and £12,000. The cost of owning a Rolex can be divided into three categories: running expenses, depreciation, and appreciation.

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How Much Does a Rolex Depreciate?

Certain Rolex watches, particularly vintage ones, actually increase in value over time. Others, on the other hand, lose their worth after they have been used.

It may, however, only be gauged by assessing the functional and physical state of the watch itself. Many in excellent shape will also recoup 50 percent to 75 percent of their original buying price.

If you plan to purchase a Rolex with the intention of reselling it later, do your homework to figure out which ones rise in value with time. Rolex watches in pristine condition can usually fetch a reasonable amount, even so, this is variable depending on age and if the watch has been serviced to keep the inner workings ticking as they should.

If you use a knowledgeable Rolex buyer, they would be able to offer you a clearer estimate of what your watch is valued in its present state. In general, a used Rolex will retail for between 25 percent and 200 percent of its original price.

What is the lifespan of a Rolex?

A Rolex watch is appealing because it is built to last a lifetime. Rolex watches, in particular, are considered to be handed down through generations.

Your Rolex can definitely last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Be aware that taking your Rolex deep-sea diving or subjecting it to harsh environments would certainly shorten its lifespan. The trick to guaranteeing your Rolex watch survives a generation is to take good care of it and service it on a regular basis.

You should regularly clean your watch with a microfibre cloth. It also pays to wash your case and cuff with soap and water on a regular basis, using a soft brush. When cleaning your watch, make sure the winding crown is properly screwed against the case to ensure water resistance and there are no cracks in the glass.

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How often do I need to service a Rolex?

Rolex suggests servicing the watch every 5 years in general, although this varies depending on the type, age of the watch, and use. It is best to consult your nearest Rolex dealer.

Most luxury watch manufacturers offer detailed instructions on when you can service your watch, as well as the location of an accredited service centre.

Your best choice is to follow the directions given by the authorised dealers since each luxury watch company has its own servicing specifications. follow the Rolex guide to servicing your watch.

How much does a Rolex service cost?

The price varies depending on the model, age, and so on, but expect to pay at least £500. When you invest so much money on a cherished asset like a luxury watch, it’s normal to want to preserve it.

When you purchase a new watch, make sure it comes with a guarantee, and it’s much better if you can purchase a used luxury watch with a warranty. The duration of the warranty and the services it protects are determined by the original seller as well as the brand.

The basic warranty for most watch brands in the EU is two years, although certain premium labels sell a longer warranty as well. Rolex, for instance, has a standard warranty of 5 years.

Which Rolex is the most affordable?

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is the most economical model.

Why are Rolex watches so expensive?

Rolex watches are handcrafted. Another advantage is that Rolex manufactures its own gold in order to have the finest products to its consumers.

On the other hand, before leaving the manufacturer, each watch is thoroughly inspected for various signs of imperfection. In reality, it is not uncommon for a single watch to take years to complete.

Since Rolex watches are noted for their classy style, high costs, and designs, some of the most popular celebrities wear them.

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Are Rolex watches worth the price?

Rolex watches are an exceptional investment since they retain their true value and may also increase in value with time. Because of the watch’s proprietary quality and exclusive features, the timepieces have a long lifetime if properly serviced, and they will also provide you with a decent resale value if you decide to sell the device.

If you want a vintage model, you won’t have to think about the valuation, since most vintage models appreciate in value. Based on the model it may be a perfect investment, with the potential to be worth as much as or more than the market price over time.