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    Sell Your Tiffany Jewellery – Same Day Instant Cash Offer Anywhere in the UK

    We all know that little blue and white box. Nothing quite elicits the same excitement as receiving one of those blue and white boxes from Tiffany & Co. Now, you have the opportunity to make someone else feel that same thrill as you did when you first got your Tiffany & Co jewellery. Whether you have a Tiffany ring or other diamonds, we will help you trade it in for instant cash!

    Get Cash For Your Tiffany & Co Jewellery!

    Even if you don’t have the blue and white box, you can still sell your Tiffany & Co ring or diamonds for cash. Our job at Love Luxury is to get you the absolute best price for your jewellery. You can choose to sell on consignment for a small fee, or you can come directly down to our store and get instant cash for your items, the very same day!

    When ‘I do’ Becomes ‘I don’t’

    A Tiffany & Co ring has become synonymous with engagements. But not everything is meant to be. Left your ex but still have the ring? It’s time to move on and pocket some extra cash at the same time. Start a new chapter in your life by leaving the past behind. Consider your new cash a jump-start for your new life.

    Do you have a princess cut? Cushion, or maybe Emerald-cut Tiffany and Co. diamond? No matter what kind you have, we will happily take it off of your hands.

    Are you ready to drop the relics of your past? At Love Luxury, we will help you start anew.


    Instant Quote For Your Tiffany Jewellery


    Tiffany Jewellery

    What Kind Of Tiffany & Co Diamond Do You Have?

    Whether you have a ring or diamond earrings, all of the usual suspects matter: cut, carat, clarity and colour. Do you know what your diamonds are worth? Maybe you have an inkling, but our expert appraisers will be able to tell you your jewellery’s exact value.

    How Will You Pay Me?

    This is what you really want to know anyway, right? At Love Luxury, we make selling your Tiffany & Co jewellery easy and painless. The first thing you need to do is make an appointment at our showroom. You can call us or fill out our online form. We often are able to book same-day appointments, so you don’t have to wait!

    From there, you will come in for a quick, yet thorough appraisal. And you don’t have to worry about the price. We always offer fair market prices and no one will give you a better offer in all the United Kingdom!

    Do you have the blue and white box? We’ll even pay you a little extra.




    Instant Quote For Your Tiffany Jewellery

    After you have your appraisal, it’s time for us to hand over the cash. We will pay you instantly up to 30k in cash on the spot!

    When it’s time to sell your Tiffany & Co rings or diamonds, there is simply no better place to go, than Love Luxury.

    Schedule an appointment now!

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