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    Sell Your Jewellery – Same Day Instant Cash Offer Anywhere in the UK

    Jewellery is the perfect complement to any outfit or look. But let’s be honest. You have too much. Can there really be such a thing as having too much fine jewellery? There is, especially if you’d rather have the cash!

    Most fine jewellery, including diamonds and gemstones, spend 99% of their time tucked away in drawers and closets or even in dark safes never seeing the light of day. You probably only pull out your best pieces for special occasions. Is that really the best use of your money?

    We bet you have up to dozens of fine jewellery pieces that haven’t seen the limelight for ages. Why not exchange these barely used pieces for instant cash?

    Whether you have diamond earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets, we guarantee the best prices in all of the United Kingdom! We’ll beat any competitor.





    Instant Quote For Your Jewellery




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    Appraisals you can trust

    Our team of experts have decades under their belt and can identify the precise worth of each item you have.

    First, we take a look at the metal. Is your piece made of gold, silver or platinum? Maybe it’s made from rose gold? We know the current value of all precious metals and consider this when making our offer. Along with materials, we factor in carat weight which can vary the piece’s value dramatically.

    Next, we take a look at where your fine jewellery was made. Is it signed and if so, by whom? If a luxury designer name comes into play, it will definitely result in more cash in your hand. We have long histories dealing with the highest-end brands such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co, and many more.

    Diamonds can provide the ultimate payday, depending on the four-standard metrics of clarity, cut, colour and carat. At Love Luxury, we use the Rapaport Diamond Guide to make our appraisals. This is an internationally recognised method used to provide precise valuations.

    Include all paperwork you have, including any and all certificates from the Gemological Institute of America, the European Gemological Laboratory, the International Gemological Institute or the Gemological Association, or the Swiss Gemological Institute and Gubelin for your other precious gemstones.

    Instant Quote For Your Jewellery

    Let Love Luxury come to you

    Do you have a fine jewellery collection you’re not too keen to carry around town? We have a number of options to suit your needs. We can use a free & insured Special Delivery Label to send your jewellery to us for guaranteed next day delivery.

    Not a fan of the postal service? Let us come to your home directly to retrieve your items. Safety and security is our priority, and we will safely and discreetly transport your jewellery to our showroom to provide an onsite appraisal.

    For high-value items, we bring the appraisals to you. At Love Luxury, we will send out one of our expert jewellers to home for a personal and private assessment. Our entire team are trained to be discreet and professional at all times, so no need to worry what the neighbours (or your husband) may think.

    Whether you’re looking to make some quick cash from some old diamond earrings or have a high-value collection to sell, we are here to give you the best and fairest prices around.

    We will even buy high-end costume jewellery such as Chanel.

    Schedule an appointment with us today!

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