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    We Sell Your Luxury Items for You!

    How does it work?

    1. 1) Take photos pictures of your items.
    2. 2) Send them through either email, WhatsApp, or give us a call and book an appointment to come into our store.

    If you send your photos and information in be sure to set up an appointment right away and we’ll have you in our store and the paperwork signed within 15 minutes.

    We offer consignment on:

    • Luxury Watches: Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Richard Mille, and more!
    • Designer Handbags: Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and more!
    • Fine Jewellery
    • Luxury Cars
    • Gold
    • And so much more!




    Consignment Watches

    Do you have luxury watches, designer handbags, fine jewellery, or even high-end cars that you have been trying to sell with no luck? Love Luxury offers a new, revolutionary approach to consignment that transforms the way you sell your pre-loved luxury items.

    At Love Luxury, we understand how important your pre-loved goods are to you, which is why we ensure you get the best fair market price for your items that we will sell on consignment. Selling your own stuff can be exhausting. From having to post ads for sale, to sorting through potential buyers, to finding the best new home for your pre-loved luxury items, and finally, to collecting payment, it can be overwhelming. Not to mention knowing all the current scams.

    We Make Selling Your Luxury Items Feel Luxurious!

    Love Luxury has simplified the entire process of consignment and made it easy to get paid the highest value for your luxury items every time. You can rest assured, we will keep your items safe whilst on consignment. All you need to do is fill in our simple to use consignment form and be sure to include multiple photos of your luxury goods and the certificate of authenticity. Our luxury goods specialists will take it from there!

    If you can’t bring your item into our store, one of our Love Luxury valuation specialists will come right to your door to review your pre-loved luxury items, ensure they are authentic and give you a fair market valuation. This way, you know what we’re going to sell your luxury items for before displaying them in our stores.

    Selling your luxury goods on consignment has never been easier. At Love Luxury, we have the valuation specialists and experienced sales team to handle your items safely and ensure you get the highest sale price possible for them.

    Consignment Handbags

    Getting the most for your pre-loved luxury is easy with Love Luxury’s revolutionary consignment services. Our fees are simple, and we don’t take any until your items sell, so you know we will work hard to ensure both parties get paid!

    Our consignment fees are based on your luxury goods’ value and are designed to cover the work we’re doing in our stores to get your items sold to a new buyer who loves luxury as much as we do!

    We’re Changing the Way Consignment Is Done!

    Our reputation stands alone amongst all the other buyers. We have a history of over 100,000 satisfied consignment customers in over 10 countries! Love Luxury understands that every customer wants to get the maximum possible price for their pre-loved luxury items. This is why we work tirelessly to ensure you the best outcome and that both buyer and seller are given the highest level of service possible.

    Discover the Love Luxury difference for your consignment items today! Let us do the work so you can turn those pre-loved luxury items into cold, hard cash in your hands!