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    We pay the best prices for your gold scrap!

    Gold Calculator
    9ct HMPer GM15.16g£
    14ct HMPer GM23.65g£
    18ct HMPer GM30.32g£
    22ct HMPer GM37.03g£
    24ct HMPer GM40.43g£


    From Trash To Cash!

    Have you found scraps of broken gold jewellery while spring cleaning? Or scraps of gold in a long-forgotten box and you’re not sure what to make of it? Look no further than Love Luxury. We’re pros at turning gold scrap into cold, hard, cash! Even the tiniest pieces of gold can have more value than you may realize.

    Before you just chuck them in the trash, bring them into Love Luxury and let us surprise you. We’re the best in the business and have the highest valuations. No competitors can compare, and trust us they do try pretty hard!

    Types of gold we buy
    • Full Sovereigns
    • Broken Jewellery
    • Earrings
    • Gold Coins
    • Half Sovereigns
    • Necklaces
    • Gold Coins (£2 & £5)
    • Bracelets
    • All Rings
    • Gold Ingots
    • Items with Missing Stones
    • Stone Set Rings
    • Dental Gold
    • Chains
    • Gold from any country
    • Gold Pendants
    • Kruggerands
    • Tangled Gold Chains
    • Bangles of any kind
    • Coin Rings
    • Gold Broaches
    • Gold Watches
    • Lockets
    • Unhallmarked Gold
    Instant Quote For Your Gold Scrap

    We Want Your Scraps!

    We want all of them. The leftover pieces from that broken necklace, or even a bangle that’s bent and bewildered. We want them all! Your broken jewellery scraps are our treasure troves! And we know you’ll be overjoyed with the valuations we give. Our Love Luxury valuation experts are the best in their class. We see the value in your gold scrap that others fail to. Love Luxury promises to deliver you a top of the market valuation for your scrap. One that you can take to the bank, literally!

    Don’t wait to bring your gold jewellery into Love Luxury. That’s as bad as throwing money down the drain. And who wants to do that?


    Instant Quote For Your Gold Scrap

    Gold Bangles

    If It’s Broke, Fix It!

    But not like you think. We have an even better kind of fix for you. The kind you can bet on. Cold, hard cash is what we fix your broken jewellery with! Come into Love Luxury today and see for yourself. Our expertly trained Love Luxury valuation specialists will guide you through a personal valuation of your once treasured, now broken pieces of jewellery. This way you will always feel like one of our family. Because you are part of the Love Luxury family. Your valuables are treasures to us.

    Once you have your valuation in hand from one of our valuation specialists, you will see for yourself that our prices can’t be beaten! We’re ahead of the curve in every way; from how we handle your appraisal, to the tests that we run on your gold scraps and jewellery, and finally to the value we payout for your gold.







    Instant Quote For Your Your Gold Scrap

    Others Have Tried

    And failed many times to top our level of customer satisfaction. The reputation the Love Luxury team has built upon for over fifteen years is the best of the best. We deliver where others cannot. We pay more than the others. And we take care of you like they won’t. Your gold isn’t what we care about most, it’s that you feel satisfied with the valuation of your scraps and jewellery. A happy customer is a returning customer.

    Love Luxury thrives on the success of our customer satisfaction. Through every step of the journey with us, you know you’re treated like family.

    Stop waiting and call Love Luxury today to set up an appointment for your appraisal!

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