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    Gold Calculator
    9ct HMPer GM15.16g£
    14ct HMPer GM23.65g£
    18ct HMPer GM30.32g£
    22ct HMPer GM37.03g£
    24ct HMPer GM40.43g£


    Bling, Bling, Bling!

    Did you go through your jewellery drawer and see a pile of gold bangles that you don’t want? Are they out of style? Or maybe you just want to get rid of them? Love Luxury can take those unwanted gold accessories and turn them into green! Cash that is! We buy gold and we want your bangles.

    Unless you’re a rapper looking to add to his bling, Love Luxury knows how to turn that gold into cash! We’d love to take those old bangles off your hands and pay you to do it!

    Types of gold we buy
    • Full Sovereigns
    • Broken Jewellery
    • Earrings
    • Gold Coins
    • Half Sovereigns
    • Necklaces
    • Gold Coins (£2 & £5)
    • Bracelets
    • All Rings
    • Gold Ingots
    • Items with Missing Stones
    • Stone Set Rings
    • Dental Gold
    • Chains
    • Gold from any country
    • Gold Pendants
    • Kruggerands
    • Tangled Gold Chains
    • Bangles of any kind
    • Coin Rings
    • Gold Broaches
    • Gold Watches
    • Lockets
    • Unhallmarked Gold
    Instant Quote For Your Gold

    Cash Is King!

    And this holds ever true at Love Luxury. Your gold bangles may not be the jewel of your collection any longer, but the cash that Love Luxury puts in your hands just might be! In a matter of an hour, you can swap your bangles out for cold, hard, cash.

    Our appraisals are at the top of their class. And the team of Love Luxury certified valuation specialists will give you the highest market value for your gold bangles. We know and understand that even though you’re giving us your bangles, they’re still a valuable piece of your history. And we want to be sure that you get the most value for your treasured pieces.




    Instant Quote For Your Gold Bangles

    Gold Scrap

    Money In No Time

    Love Luxury believes that your time is just as valuable as the bangles you’re looking to turn into cash. After scheduling your appointment for your personal appraisal session, our number one job is to be sure that you’re satisfied every step of the way. And our appraisal specialists do just that. We’re on the cutting edge of fair market value and when the Love Luxury team gives you an appraisal it shows! Our valuations can’t be beaten! Trust us, we offer the best prices in the whole of the United Kingdom.

    From the time you arrive at the time you leave with your newfound riches, the team of expert appraisers at Love Luxury will only take about an hour of your time. We think that’s time spent well, or rather, time well earned. Who doesn’t want to take the old bangles they haven’t worn in years and turn them into immediate cash money?

    All you need to do is send us some photos of your gold and tell us the weight, carat and if the pieces have any hallmarks. With this information, we can speed up your cash payout. If you don’t know or don’t have this information, don’t worry or experts will find this out at appraisal.




    Instant Quote For Your Your Gold Bangles

    What Are You Waiting For?

    All your bangles are doing, if you’re not wearing them, is collecting dust! Let’s blow the dust away and make them your most valuable treasure! What do you think?

    Still sceptical? That’s okay, our customers speak for us! Word of mouth is advertising you can’t buy anywhere, and our Google and Trustpilot Five Star reviews speak for themselves. We have over fifteen years of experience in buying gold bangles and valuing them at top of the market value. Making your time well worth a visit to Love Luxury!

    You may not like the way those bangles look on your wrist anymore, but you will love the way that cash feels in your wallet. Don’t wait any longer.

    Call Love Luxury today and let’s make a deal!

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