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    Gold Calculator
    9ct HMPer GM15.16g£
    14ct HMPer GM23.65g£
    18ct HMPer GM30.32g£
    22ct HMPer GM37.03g£
    24ct HMPer GM40.43g£


    Have you got extra gold lying around? It may be worth more than you think! At Love Luxury, we will buy any type of gold or precious metals and offer the best prices. If you’re looking for a simple and fair deal, look no further. We always have our finger on the pulse of current values, so you are guaranteed to get the most accurate price for your gold!

    Types of gold we buy
    • Full Sovereigns
    • Broken Jewellery
    • Earrings
    • Gold Coins
    • Half Sovereigns
    • Necklaces
    • Gold Coins (£2 & £5)
    • Bracelets
    • All Rings
    • Gold Ingots
    • Items with Missing Stones
    • Stone Set Rings
    • Dental Gold
    • Chains
    • Gold from any country
    • Gold Pendants
    • Kruggerands
    • Tangled Gold Chains
    • Bangles of any kind
    • Coin Rings
    • Gold Broaches
    • Gold Watches
    • Lockets
    • Unhallmarked Gold
    Instant Quote For Your Gold

    You have the gold, we have the cash!

    What kind of gold do you want to sell? Whether you have yellow gold, white gold or even platinum, we make the selling process easy. We will take gold in any form you have and turn it into instant cash!

    Looking for a same-day return? Schedule an appointment today and one of our precious metals experts will offer a free and thorough appraisal. Once you know what your gold is worth, we can put cash in your hand the moment we make a deal.


    Instant Quote For Your Gold


    Fast, Expert Appraisals!


    When you come to our showroom, we like to make the appraisal process fast and simple. We will take any gold you have and test it for an accurate valuation. It doesn’t matter what form your gold comes in. Whether you have gold rings, gold bars, gold coins, or any other form of gold, we can still properly assess its value. There is no type of precious metal we don’t accept.

    How long will this process take? Depending upon the amount of gold you bring in, we usually can get our appraisals completed within an hour. Do you know what that means? In less than one hour at Love Luxury, you can walk away with the cash you need!

    We Make it Easy

    Life is complicated enough. Don’t give yourself the extra headache of having to figure out how to sell your gold. At Love Luxury, we make selling your gold an easy thing to check off of your to-do list. That’s why we offer fast appraisals and fair market values, as soon as you walk in. We’re not fans of haggling or creating a long and drawn-out process. We want you to be able to get in and get out of our showroom in under an hour.

    Stop worrying about finding a buyer for your gold. We’ll find the buyers. All you need to do is supply the gold.

    Instant Quote For Your Gold

    Unbelievable Reputation

    At Love Luxury, we have been appraising and buying and selling gold for over 15 years. Our only goal is your complete satisfaction. We are humbled by our 100+ and counting 5-star reviews on Google and Trustpilot. Having your trust is what makes our brand strong and we will continue to deliver the best in prices and customer service, whether you are buying from us or selling to us.

    What are you waiting for? If you have any gold you want to trade in for cash, Love Luxury is here for you.

    Schedule an appointment today!

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