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    Sell Your Diamonds – Same Day Instant Cash Offer Anywhere in the UK

    Have you come into an inheritance of family heirloom diamonds? Or maybe you’ve got some broken pieces of diamond jewellery and don’t know what to do with it? Whatever the case may be, you’ve got precious diamonds and don’t just want to give them to just anyone.

    Our precious gems team of experts here at Love Luxury will take great care of you and your diamonds. Everyone knows the inherent value in such a precious gemstone like a diamond. And many times, when we have them in our heirloom pieces, we can be confused as to how to turn them into a profit. This is where our expertly trained and knowledgeable diamond experts at Love Luxury come in. We know the diamond valuation market, unlike any other ‘pre-loved’ luxury reseller. More than any other lender in the United Kingdom, for that matter!

    Your Precious Gems Are Precious To Us

    Love Luxury understands that sometimes selling a precious stone such as a diamond or diamonds can be confusing. This is why we make it easy for you throughout the entire process. Our diamond experts are second-generation and bring that extensive knowledge and understanding of their valuation of each diamond brought into our store. Love Luxury also uses the Rapaport Diamond Guide along with our many years of diamond experience to give you the most accurate and cutting edge valuation on the market.

    How do Love Luxury being second-generation diamond jewellers help you? Not only has our knowledge been passed down first hand by those before us, but with that knowledge comes the ability to truly recognize a gem’s value. Our Love Luxury diamond experts look at many facets in performing our top of the market valuation. From the colour and clarity to be able to see the minute detail of the diamond in its purest form.


    Instant Quote For Your Diamonds


    Have Your Diamond, Now What?

    Well, there are quite a few things you can do once you decide you’re going to sell your diamonds. Trust us when we say the best thing you can do for yourself and the value of your precious gems. Whether it’s our buyback program or you want to sell us your diamond rings, diamond earrings, or just diamonds. Love Luxury can turn those diamonds into cash into your hands today!

    If you want to sell us your diamonds, then call us today and schedule your time to bring them in for a personalized appraisal. When you arrive, one of our Love Luxury diamond valuation experts will examine the cut, carat weight, colour, and clarity of your diamond to ensure its full value for your appraisal. Once your appraisal is complete and the price agreed upon with our Love Luxury valuation specialists, we will put cash in your hand immediately.

    Using our one of a kind buyback program can let you walk out with cash in hand but still maintain ownership of your diamonds. We just hold on to them for you for 28 days and you walk out of our store with cash to help take care of an unexpected expense, or whatever the case may be. The highly trained Love Luxury diamond specialist will walk you through your buyback price and once it is agreed upon we will hand you cash. All you need do then is come back within 28 days and pay your buyback price and we’ll return your diamonds to you. Think of it as if we’re just keeping them safe for you for a month while you handle what’s important to you.

    Love Luxury even offers to sell your diamonds on consignment. We’re happy to handle all the legwork in turning your diamond earrings, diamond rings or diamonds into cash so you don’t have to. Our trade service is something that has become a quick favourite of our loyal customers. Just bring in your diamonds and once our valuation specialists put together your appraisal you can choose to trade them in for something we have in stock in our store.

    Instant Quote For Your Your Diamonds

    We’ll Even Come To You!

    If you don’t feel like getting off your couch, then you’ll love our online quote system! It’s top of the market and always available for your convenience! We just ask that when filling it out you include clear photos of your diamonds or diamond jewellery and include the carat weight, cut, colour and clarity. Without this information, our valuation specialists are unable to give you as accurate an appraisal as we like.

    Love Luxury wants to help you today to turn your diamonds into cash in your pocket. Call us today and see how we can help you! We even beat quotes by any other lender in all of the UK!

    Call Love Luxury today and let’s make a deal!

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