About us

Love Luxury Has Been Serving the Market and Become Notably Established in London over the past 15 Years

Love Luxury is one of the most trusted names in the ‘pre-loved’ luxury market, in the U.K. today. But we didn’t get there overnight. Founders Adam and Emily Abraham have been dedicated to bringing authentic luxury goods to buyers for over 15 years. Both have the knowledge and an eye for authenticity that is unmatched.

Adam and Emily are passionate about serving their clientele with elite handbags and jewellery made from the world’s most coveted designers. We buy and sell everything from Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Van Cleef & Arpel and more.



You don’t want to walk into Love Luxury trying to pass off a fake for the real deal. We know the difference. Even expensive imitations with store receipts, won’t fool our trained eyes. The ‘pre-loved’ luxury market is built on reputation. We take pride in having an impeccable one.



Lord Adam Abraham

Adam has both entrepreneurship and an eye for quality in his blood. He’s been working since he was 16 years old, alongside his father. In China, Adam helped his father develop goods for production and then ultimately, for sale. This is where he began to learn the difference between counterfeit products and real ones. His training continued, Adam became the head of quality control for his father and eventually, Adam opened up his own store in London both buying and selling goods.



He became known as someone who can spot the differences between real and fake. This led to an influx of business as people wanted a buyer and seller they could trust.

Adam took his expertise to the luxury goods market and quickly founded Love Luxury. Along with Emily, they’ve built an exceptional team of pros to help buyers and sellers of ‘pre-loved’ luxury items everywhere.

Lady Emily Abraham

Emily was introduced into the buying and selling industry at a young age, her grandfather would buy gold, coins and other valuables in the bucket load.



Emily would have the task of untangling and sorting the gold into piles of different carat. This was time consuming and not for the faint hearted. Sometimes taking entire weekends to sort through what her grandfather had purchased the previous week so he could go to sell it on.

It was these early year introductions to the industry that lead Emily to have a keen eye for detail and a foundation of understanding quality control, which she would carry with her into adulthood.



Adam and Emily met through work and became firm friends.

After many years their friendship turned into something more, both personally and professionally, where their mutual interests became the birth of Love Luxury. Where their dedication to bringing luxury items to the people of the United Kingdom and Adam’s passion for quality and genuine items has led them today.


At Love Luxury, you get the knowledge and reputation of two stellar luxury dealers. Underneath Adam and Emily, is their hand-picked team of like-minded experts. When you are looking to buy or sell your ‘pre-loved’ luxury goods, Love Luxury is the only place you need.



Venvy is familiar with the Chinese market and has rich experience in social media operations, mainly focusing on Little Red Book, Chinese TikTok, and Wechat. She is creative and good at creating attractive marketing solutions according to different situations.

Venvy is good at communicating with customers. From the perspective of customers, it will put forward purchase suggestions according to customers’ needs, rather than forcing customers to consume. Therefore, most of the customers are extremely friendly with her.




Bella has proven to be a great asset, getting money to customers within the 30 minutes promised. She has the skills to value a range of items from handbags to watches and works of art via our live chat service.

She has proven to be a great team member. She has recently undergone further training and is working to increase her knowledge in other valued items that we specialise in.

Bella has not only proven herself, but she has set herself apart in the eyes of our customers. Catering to their requests and ensuring that Love Luxury keeps the promise that our customers depend on. She has turned this initiative into an understanding of our expert valuation process. Bella displays her love of all things luxury and her ability to know the value of a product with just a quick look. We love and trust the work she has done so far and knows that as part of the Love Luxury team, she will be even more invaluable as time goes on.