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    • Instant cash against your valuables

      UK’s leading buyers provide 1 hour same day payouts giving the highest market prices.

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    Love Luxury’s experienced hand-picked team of expert buyers will provide you a 100% obligation free appraisal for all designer handbags.



    One of our highly knowledgeable team experts will visit you to provide a 100% obligation and hassle-free appraisal in the comfort of your own home.



    Love Luxury offer an instant, fast and reliable cash/ buy back service against your luxury watch. We offer a 100% obligation and hassle-free appraisal on all prestige watch brands.



    Our expert team will offer an appraisal on your item of jewellery.



    Have you come into an inheritance of family heirloom diamonds?


    Welcome to Love Luxury!

    Did you know Love Luxury offers instant-cash and 30-minute appraisals on most of your “preloved” assets, such as Hermès Birkin’s, Rolex Watches, Chanel and Van Cleef & Arpels?

    It’s true.

    Love Luxury can also pay from £200 to £500,000 using alternative methods in any one transaction.

    But that’s not all, because…

    If you have ever been concerned that you might change your mind later after you’ve sold your high-end designer goods such as Hermès, with Love Luxury you can now put those fears to rest.

    Here’s what we mean…

    With Love Luxury’s “Buyback” option, you can now choose to buy your high-end designer items back at a later time and without any hassles or long waits. So if you genuinely love your Chanel bag and don’t want to part with it full time but need some instant cash, this option is for you.

    Love Luxury wants your experience to be enjoyable as well as a speedy way to get cash in your hands.

    Instant Quote On Your Items

    Diamond Ring

    So, who are Love Luxury anyway?

    The Backstory Behind “Love Luxury”

    Adam Abraham and Emily Abraham are joint owners of second-hand shops in
    and around London. When high end designer goods came in to the stores they
    both realised their mutual interest, leading to a natural progression; specialising
    in only high-end designer goods and so Love Luxury was born. Your one stop
    shop to sell and buy designer goods, including handbags, jewellery, watches, art
    and so much more.

    But, There Was A Growing Problem That Adam And Emily Could Not Overlook

    You see, Adam and Emily began to uncover more and more companies that were selling counterfeit products, counterfeit designer bags, and other counterfeit items far above their true market value to unsuspecting buyers who couldn’t tell the difference, particularly in the Jewellery, watch and Handbag market.

    When the couple saw how the reputation within the pre-loved luxury goods industry that they enjoyed so much was being threatened by unscrupulous companies throughout London, they both vowed that Love Luxury would be different.

    Instant Quote On Your Items

    Rolex Watches

    Love Luxury’s mission would be to draw a line in the sand, take a stand for what was right, and help sellers fight back by getting a fair price for their high-end designer items through an educational approach that empowers high-end designer item sellers so they could work with Love Luxury and have the utmost confidence that they would be treated with respect and fairness no matter what. Allowing sellers to sell their Hermès Birkin, Hermès Kelly, Rolex 18ct Oyster Perpetual day-date watch, Richard Mille or perhaps Patek Philippe Nautilus, in complete confidence.

    Selling Your High-End Designer Items No Longer Has To Be A Slow, Lengthy, …And A Disappointing Process.

    You see, 5 years ago we recognised that the clientele that we work with want to sell quickly, easily, for a fair market price and without any hassles or frustration.

    And because our competitors throughout London still haven’t caught up to the ever-changing needs and desires of today’s high-end designer item sellers, more and more people are coming to Love Luxury to sell their items than ever before.

    Our clients have made it clear to us that they want to sell their high-end designer items while trusting the process and the company…and we’ve listened.

    Instant Quote On Your Items

    Deigner Handbags

    Sell Us Your High-End Items Now. Buy Them Back Later With Our Seller “Buyback” Program.

    The truth is that you no longer have to be afraid that if you sell an item to us – it’s gone forever…

    Here at Love Luxury, we take pride in the fact that our clientele can sell their high-end designer items …without any stress or anxiety because should they decide later that they want to get the item back, they can take advantage of Love Luxury’s Buyback program to buy their items back from us.

    Selling your high-end designer items has never been so stress-free …until now!

    Selling Your High-End Items Can Be Done Safely And Conveniently (Even During These Uncertain Times With COVID-19)

    Because of this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, some people are concerned about how (and where) to complete a transaction to sell their high-end designer items.

    At Love Luxury, we completely understand your concerns and want you to take comfort knowing that we take every precaution possible to ensure our clients and our employees’ safety.

    This is key because most sellers have the misconception that the only option they have when selling their items is to come into one of our many stores here in London.

    Many sellers and buyers have made use of our postal delivery services, by
    simply packaging their item well and posting it to our Knightsbridge address via
    Royal Mail special delivery, they have saved themselves the time and hassle of
    having to take a trip into central London. While still receiving our stellar service
    and fast payment promise.

    Instant Quote On Your Items


    Now, We Know What You Might Be Thinking…

    “How do I really know that Love Luxury is as good a reputable company as they say?”

    Listen, that’s a fair question and a completely understandable concern. In fact, asking that question is not only smart – we welcome it.

    FACT: Love Luxury are proud to have earned 280+, 5-Star reviews on Google (and counting) for providing our sellers with the best market price for their high-end designer items, and exceptional customer service.

    So, you don’t have to take our word for how fantastic Love Luxury is. Just read what other brand aficionados, just like you, had to say when they decided to sell their “pre-loved” high-end designer items with us.

    Instant Quote On Your Items

    With Style


    “Great selling experience and the process was extremely simple. I received the best possible price for the watch and the money was transferred into my account as soon as they came over to authenticate and verify my details. Very knowledgable and helpful. I highly recommend.” — Pesach Garten

    “Excellent service. Very friendly genuine staff always keeping you well informed during the whole process, They made the whole experience a pleasure and far easier than I could have imagined. We agreed on the best possible price for my Chanel bag which both of us were happy with. They are also time efficient as they came to me at a suitable time and the process was done quick and smooth after thorough valuation of the bag.” — Haadiya Saleh

    “Called up to few companies to sell my Rolex and spoke to Adam who shocked me with the price as he offered £1500 more than anyone else and ended up doing a part exchange In a Chanel bag for my wife and left with a large sum. Extremely satisfied with his personal touch and prices, he also gave me a bottle of champagne and that was a very nice touch. Great lad” — Peter Allen

    And we get testimonials just like that every day!

    Instant Quote On Your Items

    Gold Bars

    Love Luxury has successfully created a simple and easy-to-understand high-end designer goods appraisal process that gets you fast cash …in just 30 minutes or less.

    4 Easy Ways To Get Fast Cash

    …In 30 Minutes Or Less.

    1. #1: Come by and visit any of our convenient locations throughout London, or…
    2. #2: Package up your items and post them to our office…
    3. #3: Simply fill out the form below now to talk over the phone…
    4. #4: Consign your items, when they sell, you will be paid the same day…

    Yes! It’s really that simple!

    “FREE ‘Pre-Loved’ Brand Item Appraisal”, which is amazing, including selling your Patek Philippe, Hermès and Chanel.

    On behalf of Adam and Emily of Love Luxury, we can’t wait to see you soon.

    Have a great day!

    Adam and Emily Abraham

    P.S. Selling your high-end designer items has never been easier. That’s because, at Love Luxury, we can even sell your high-end designer items on a consignment basis, so please feel free to inquire about that option for selling your high-end designer items too.

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